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International SAP Conference on Real Estate Management

Brochure Now Live - View The Agenda by Downloading Your Copy


Planning for a Digital Future

We are pleased to announce that the agenda for the annual International SAP Conference for Real Estate Management  (12-13 September, 2016, Berlin) is now live! This flagship event, now in it's 11th year, brings together Real Estate professionals from across the globe. The conference will allow you to understand how innovation from SAP is driving next generation technology for Real Estate Management, as the industry gears up for the digital future.

Never before has an organisation’s property portfolio been of such strategic importance to help sustain and support business growth. End-to-end real estate managers are facing a challenging landscape, whereby the handling of an increasingly complex portfolio is now standard, as they attempt to optimize building occupancy, lower building operating costs and comply with updated IFRS standards. 

Those who wish to remain competitive whilst adding value to their organization must continue to innovate and leverage technology that fully integrates with business unit systems and processes. During this event, you will discover how your business can embrace SAP innovations to become a connected, digital organization.

Hear from leading companies such as Danish Defence, Poste Immo, ProRail, Society of Clinical Services Dusseldorf, SWISS Property, Vodafone as they discuss facing Real Estate challenges head on with the help of SAP solutions. You can look forward to lively exchanges on IFRS 16 preparation, SAP® S/4HANA, digitalization and innovation, the visual enterprise, facilities management, space management, land use management, real estate reporting and controlling, real estate cockpit functionality, and more.