Technical Services for Turnarounds in Petrochemical Plants


The Western European refining and petrochemical industry is under pressure from competition in emerging regions, making costs and efficiency critical to their ongoing operations. Turnarounds as a major cost can be a source of crucial competitive advantage so the efficient management of shutdown projects to minimise downtime is extremely important for operators.

The performance of these projects depends in great part on the management and competencies of external technical service providers. In turn, service providers face challenges driven by reductions in turnaround times and costs, longer periods between shutdowns and the need to increase their share of integrated additional projects.

This study aims to help you understand this market from either side, providing authoritative information on:

  • legal frameworks,
  • business and organisational models,
  • services and trade specialties for turnarounds,
  • future trends,
  • strategies for the TAR business

and is by that valuable resource for improving procurement flexibility, identifying international partners and spotting opportunities for business development.

Our Core Competencies

The research department focusses on market and company analyses in the area of Asset Performance Management. In addition to client commissioned research projects, we offer a wide range of different benchmarks in maintenance, production and turnarounds as well as reports on current industry topics. Moreover, the department publishes yearbooks on maintenance and turnarounds.