Technical Services for Turnarounds in Petrochemical Plants


Germany, Austria, Switzerland (540 pages, 2010)

Study objectives and benefits

The European petrochemical industry is currently facing significant changes in the patterns of demand for products and an ever increasing competition between regional sites. Maintaining the maximum availability of production facilities is a critical factor for the success of a site. The efficient management of shutdown projects to minimise downtime is a critical issue for operators.

The performance of these projects depends in great part on the management and competencies of external technical service providers. In turn, service providers face challenges driven by reductions in turnaround times and costs, longer periods between shutdowns and the need to increase their share of integrated additional projects.

Against this background it is surprising that there has been no systematic documentation of the German speaking turnaround service market or transparent coverage of service providers for petrochemical turnaround projects. This study, part of a series addressing turnaround service provision in major global markets, provides the data and analysis you need to make effective decisions for turnaround strategy and contracting.

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