Scheduling practices for turnarounds/shutdowns


Part I: Current status & market insights (117 Pages, free copy available, July 2011) &
Part II: Best practices & potentials (121 Pages, August 2011)

Study objectives and benefits

Any major turnaround/shutdown in the process industry has dramatic repercussions on the annual results. The opportunity costs of operators of refineries or petrochemical and power plants resulting from a shutdown often exceed the labour and material costs incurred. Any downtime that can been avoided is therefore of benefit. It goes without saying that turnaround projects are very time-critical, especially during periods of strong demand. However, schedules are quite tricky and are all too often neglected by management. The aim of this study is to address scheduling issues in turnaround projects and to show decision-makers the enormous potential optimized scheduling can have on influencing the success of a turnaround project.

Part I: Current status & market insights

The first part of the study presents the results of the market survey on the status quo of scheduling and contains contributions by experts on up-to-date innovative solution concepts for scheduling tasks. The first part of the study is free for everybody. This enables us to make these contents available to all interested readers. We owe this magnificent opportunity exclusively to the partners who have contributed to this study.

Part II: Best practices & potentials

The second part of the study is the foundation for optimizing your turnaround scheduling by learning from successful practical examples. Every best practice provides a detailed description of how the respective solution works in a given turnaround project. This part of the study is meant for schedulers and scheduling experts wishing to familiarize themselves with and understand solutions from third parties as a means of learning lessons for the future.

Our Core Competencies

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