Maintenance Efficiency Report 2013

The focus of this report is on the efficiency of plant maintenance. Above all, the causes of inefficiency and downtime as well as potential optimization measures are investigated on the basis of extensive on-site studies and a survey of maintenance managers. The following subjects are looked at more closely:

  • The development of maintenance efficiency from the perspective of maintenance managers and on the basis of T.A. Cook’s studies
  • Causes of inefficiency and lost time
  • Measures to optimize maintenance
  • Active management and leadership behavior
  • Implementation of benchmarks and indicators
  • Recommendations for increased efficiency in maintenance

Our Core Competencies

The research department focusses on market and company analyses in the area of Asset Performance Management. In addition to client commissioned research projects, we offer a wide range of different benchmarks in maintenance, production and turnarounds as well as reports on current industry topics. Moreover, the department publishes yearbooks on maintenance and turnarounds.