Maintenance Efficiency Report 2013

The MVR average values presented in this report are based on over 1600 studies that were performed between 2001 and 2012. The results of the study cover a multitude of plant sites within the process industry in 14 leading industrial nations.

On the basis of this data bank, the following evaluations can be performed:

  • The relationship between value-added activities and non-value added activities
  • REFA level of efficiency
  • Potential for increasing efficiency
  • Analysis of the causes of inefficiency
  • Efficiency of supervisor behavior

In addition, current survey results on the development of efficiency in maintenance are presented. For this study, a total of 179 decision-makers from relevant industrial fields were surveyed with a standardized questionnaire from May to June 2013.

Our Core Competencies

The research department focusses on market and company analyses in the area of Asset Performance Management. In addition to client commissioned research projects, we offer a wide range of different benchmarks in maintenance, production and turnarounds as well as reports on current industry topics. Moreover, the department publishes yearbooks on maintenance and turnarounds.