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T.A. Cook have a long tradition in giving charitable donations and regularly support various charities.
T.A. Cook Consultants have created a new department dedicated to research. Its primary focus is to publish reports on subjects related to the management of capital-intensive assets and achieve long-term value enhancement for industrial asset performance management.
Making its premiere as an exhibitor at Offshore 2009, the world’s third largest industry event held in the ‘oil town’ Macaé near Rio de Janeiro, T.A. Cook introduced its services to almost 50,000 visitors who attended the event from 16th to 19th June 2009.
T.A. Cook’s revenues in 2008 increased for the fifth year in a row to 9.1m €. 2007 revenues equated to 7.9m €, amounting to an overall increase of 15.2% for the year.
Recently, T.A. Cook trained a group of Middle East managers and engineers for the first time. In January 2009 T.A. Cook North America conducted the five day training, which was sponsored by Kavaq Business Intelligence at the Diplomat Residence Inn in Manama, Bahrain.
Over the past five years, instead of sending gifts to our customers and business partners, T.A. Cook has chosen to donate to charitable institutions.
Here you will see a selection of articles produced relating to T.A. Cook thought leadership, as published in leading international industrial press and magazines.
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