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In March 2014, the winners of the
for extraordinary maintenance services were announced.
Never before had so many teams taken part. Fraport AG
eventually pushed ahead of the competition to win the
MAINTAINER award in the industrial firms category. Through
its mobile solution for airport facility management, Fraport
has established an end-to-end, mostly paperless maintenance
and incident process. Meanwhile, SAG GmbH won out in
the service provider category. Energy suppliers can now use
“iNA – information service for networks and equipment”
a tool the company developed in partnership with the Uni-
versity of Wuppertal, to assess the status of power and gas
grids effectively and at low cost. The award for innovation
went to Dow Deutschland Anlagengesellschaft mbH, which
worked with ThyssenKrupp Xervon to develop a new type
of pipe lifter. The next round of the competition starts in
So said Ratcliffe in his June 14, 2014, guest feature in
The Telegraph
newspaper discussing problems in Britain’s manufacturing industry.
Quite apart from the British stance, this statement sums up three
major trends that affect everyone in the market. Whether in the US,
Europe or Asia, success requires ubiquitous and cheap energy supplies,
guaranteed access to resources, and adequately skilled staff.
In a nutshell;picturealliance/Photoshot
When companies are looking for a new manager,
department or team leader, they usually focus
on one aspect of their candidates’ profiles: expe-
rience. Absolute nonsense, says business psy-
chologist Uwe Kanning. In a recent study he
examined the relationship between management
and/or professional experience and leadership
skills. He found that there were no positive effects.
Quite the reverse, in fact. The psychologist dis-
covered that the older the employees, the less
suitable they were for leadership roles. He based
his findings on another study byMiguel Quiñones,
who, as the O. Paul Corley Distinguished Chair
of Organizational Behavior at the Cox School of
Business, Dallas, Texas, published his insights
back in 2006. He described how elements such
as the ability to make decisions, self-reflection,
communication and the ability to cooperate were
much more important than experience alone.
“Our energy costs are the highest in the world,
North Sea feedstocks are dwindling and
we do not, frankly, have the same skill levels in the
UK as we find in countries like
Germany, Belgium and the US.”
Jim Ratcliffe, founder and CEO of Ineos
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