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The global trend toward intelligent production con-
tinues unabated. Sensor technology, big data and
cloud computing: the ongoing digitalization of in-
dustry is a major growth driver under the auspices
of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet. A study
by General Electric concluded that linking industri-
al processes with the Internet and intranets worldwide
could generate
productivity gains of USD 10 billion
or more. Fraunhofer IAO produced similar findings.
Researchers believe that between 2013 and 2025,
intelligent networking
could increase the gross value
of the chemicals industry in Germany
by up to 30
Experts expect to see a paradigm shift in the
management and regulation of value creation systems
over the next 10 years. One example of this would
be the recording of operational, status or environ-
mental data using sensors or drones to monitor pro-
cesses in real time as well as for Industry 4.0: drones
serving as technical aids during equipment inspec-
tions, predictive and preventive maintenance.
Industry 4.0: Drones serving as technical aids during equipment inspections.
Richard L. Brandt: “One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Ama-”, 2012, Portfolio Trade.
Kleenex is to tissues as
Amazon is to online shopping. Anyone looking at this Inter-
net giant today would hardly believe that founder Jeff Bezos
only sold books back in 1994. Amazon’s development from
startup to the world’s largest online purveyor of goods is
reviewed extensively by author Richard L. Brandt in “One
Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of”. It is both an
enjoyable read and an object lesson in Amazon’s recipes for
JimMcGrath, Bob Bates: “The Little Book of Big Management
Theories – and how to use them”, 2013, Pearson.
There are
hundreds of management theories. Some of themyou need to
know, some of them you don’t. But if you plan to discover the
secrets of effective management then you do have to deal
with them. Five minutes a day is all it takes with this guide by
JimMcGrath and Bob Bates. This book provides concise expla-
nations of the most important theories on employee manage-
ment, motivation and time management and gives them a
structure – ideal when you have a fewminutes free.
of the
out of the cloud
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