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here can be no place more extreme than the Shaybah oil field in Saudi
Arabia, far from civilization at the edge of the Rub’ al Khali desert,
otherwise known as the “Empty Quarter”. Seen from space it could almost
be mistaken for a work of art, but Shaybah is proof positive of just how
challenging it can be to make and sustain change. Tapping into the oil field
was a huge risk. It took an armada of bulldozers to remove vast amounts of
sand, and those same machines have been deployed to keep the dunes in
check ever since. That’s just one aspect of the inherent risks of such a remote
location and extreme climate.
No doubt there are many issues in your day-to-day work which are
similarly complex. Whether they involve optimizing maintenance, devel-
oping the turnaround strategy or choosing a service provider: any decision
you make requires that you weigh up alternatives and variables. Your actions
have consequences and you can never entirely exclude risk. So even while
risk is simultaneously opportunity, your calculation always includes a
certain probability of failure. Whether this is a conscious effort or not, what
you are doing is risk management.
Starting on page 8 we explore how risk affects
turnarounds and shutdowns, the various methods
available to you, and how to differentiate between
risks and threats. Our cover story takes a closer
look at this key aspect which is vital to every
project, and highlights the courage needed to deal
with risks honestly and constructively.
Here at T.A. Cook, we have also decided to
take on a number of changes which involve quite
some risk. You are looking at the first-ever edition
of INSITE, our client magazine. We intend to pub-
lish twice a year, covering a good mix of opera-
tional issues alive in the process industry – from
production, projects and engineering to mainte-
nance and turnarounds all the way up to site
services – along with compelling stories simply
for the pleasure of reading. We hope very much
that you will like INSITE and that taking this risk
will pay off. We welcome all of your feedback and
suggestions at
Dear Reader,
Frank-Uwe Hess
CEO, Strategy
Markus Treiber
CEO, Operations
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