The Management Toolbox

"If we stop wanting to be better, then we stop being good!"
(Alfred Herrhausen)

So you would like to improve or expand your management skills! You have taken it upon yourself to make your organisation more dynamic and more flexible. You are interested in the continuous activation and renewal of your organisation through your human resources. Then in this workshop, we will give you the tools which have proven effective for today's business leaders, and will show you have you can use these leadership techniques.

You will learn:

  • how to increase your efficiency at work,
  • the tools used by today's managers,
  • how you can use various methods to motivate and lead your employees,
  • what are the characteristics of the manager of today.

Contents of the workshop:

  • moderation techniques for efficient and effective meetings
  • self-management
  • time, deadline, resource and budget planning
  • coaching as a management task
  • agreeing on goals
  • conducting discussions with employees
  • techniques for creative solutions to problems
  • motivation
  • leadership