Techniques for Convincing Presentations

Coming to the point in a goal-oriented manner.

Seminar contents and goals

Participants will be able to recognise the significance of presentations as an important and efficient means of achieving their own goals, or to promote projects economically.

You will learn:

  • the basic rules for presentations
  • how to structure presentations professionally
  • to prepare them systematically
  • to give them successfully, while at the same time
  • using question techniques correctly and
  • addressing different audience members for success

Contents of the seminar:

  • occasions for presentations
  • basic rules and techniques for visualisation
  • overview of the use and effects of various presentation media
  • the planning process for presentations
  • target group analysis
  • structuring arguments
  • strategies for presentations
  • producing presentation media
  • responding to audience questions and concerns
  • making your own presentation with video feedback
  • presentation review