Selecting Software for Project Management

How do I find the right DP aids for the management of projects?

Participants will be able to recognise project management tasks and will be able to correctly assess and select software for project management as an aid in managing projects.

You will learn:

  • to correctly assess project management software as an aid for management,
  • to recognise the management fields where software is useful,
  • to correctly assess evaluation criteria for success or failure of the project,
  • to define your own selection criteria,
  • to develop sources of information for the selection process, and
  • the correct approaches to the selection process.

Contents of the seminar:

  • Project management tasks
  • Presentation of the systematics and methodology of project management
  • Where can software help, and where not?
  • How can software help?
  • How the selection process be organised?
  • Development of selection criteria
  • Identifying the information sources for the software tools landscape
  • What is a good way to sift through various products?
  • How can one organise a comparison of product performance?
  • How can one organise the introduction of project management software?