Projects Under Control

Based on our hard-won first-hand experiences with a large number of automation and reorganisation projects in large European companies, we have compiled some methodological approaches that we have tested ourselves and found to be useful to facilitate development towards successful, on-time and stress-free project work. This highly structured presentation demands active participation. In this seminar, the systematics and methodology of project business are presented in the form of lectures and discussion. In the course of group and individual work you will gain your own experience in the principles and methods of project work. At the end of the seminar you will be able to assess which methods and procedures would be suitable for your projects. Also useful is your exchange with other participants from other companies, who have had their own experiences with projects.


Success factors for project business

  • What does the success of the project business depend on?
  • What are the most frequent causes for the failure of many projects?
  • Where does the project idea actually come from, and what does it require?
  • What useful information can you obtain from this?
  • How do you integrate the project organisation into the corporate organisation?
  • What roles and persons play the most important parts in the project business?
  • What procedure can help you to keep on course during the project?
  • How does one achieve a perfect project start?

Planning – a necessary evil or an opportunity?

  • How much planning is necessary, and how intense must it be?
  • How do you successfully shape the planning process?
  • Whom do you integrate into this process?
  • How do you successfully build up the project team?
  • What systems and methods do you use in the planning process?
  • How do you achieve realistic planning?
  • In what form do you ensure transparency of the planning results?

Always knowing where things are – keeping the project under control

  • How can one get precise and realistic information on the project status?
  • How do you determine project progress?
  • How do you detect and minimise project risks?
  • How do you create a climate of openness and honesty?
  • How do you use the potential of moderation and presentation in project meetings?
  • How do you successfully intervene to direct the project execution?
  • What tools can provide you optimal support for project control?

Communicating within the project – transparency

  • Who is interested in your project, and how can you satisfy their curiosity?
  • What forms of depicting what happens in the project will create transparency?
  • How do you successfully use trend depictions for your project for the purposes of communication?
  • How do you decide what software is useful for your project?

The human element in the project – working successfully with "soft facts"

  • How do you successfully shape management in the process?
  • What does teamwork mean, and how can you shape your teamwork appropriately?
  • How can you handle the topic of motivation stress-free?
  • How do you successfully reduce the greatest problem in projects: communication?