Project Management for Experts – Management Methods and SAP PS

Information is half of the whole game – especially in project business. Without useful software tools, even the best project management methods are no help – but the opposite is not true, unfortunately. Both are essential in order to control projects successfully. It is thus becoming more and more difficult for both project managers and controllers to decide on the correct software tool.

We would like to bring you up to speed in project management methods, as well as empowering you to assess the utility of SAP PS as a tool for successfully managing and controlling your projects. We will do this in the seminar in the form of lectures and discussions linking the systematics and methodology of project business with a depiction of SAP PS's capabilities. Using an example, we will go through and reflect on the planning and management process and controlling of its systematics and methodology based on their principles and in parallel with SAP PS. In intensive discussions we will clarify what can be done with SAP PS, and where your special needs may still not be satisfied.

In the course of group and individual work you will be able to gain immediate experience with the principles and methods of project work. At the end of the seminar you will be able to assess what elements of this "shopping basket" of methods and procedures can be used in your projects, and which of them are supported as standard by SAP PS. We have developed this two-day intensive seminar especially for project managers, project team members and controllers who have the SAP project system PS in use at their companies, or who plan to use it.

After this seminar you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • Where does the project idea actually from, and what does it mean?
  • What role does SAP PS play as a tool for your project management and controlling work?
  • As a matter of principle, how can one make SAP PS useful for project business?
  • What are the necessary preconditions, potentialities and limits of SAP PS?
  • How is SAP PS integrated into the other SAP modules FI, CO, IM, SD, PM, CS, and MM?
  • What are the sub-components of PS?
  • What is the position of planning in project management?
  • What principal methodological approaches are there for the planning of goals, activities, resources, tools, risks, capacities, deadlines and costs?
  • What planning and depiction capabilities does SAP PS offer for cost, budget and revenue planning, materials disposition, resource planning, scheduling, and capacity planning?
  • As a general principle, how is project progress determined?
  • In this connection, what are the advantages of project meetings, and how does one organise the writing-up of meeting results?
  • What forms of project reports have been proved to be successful?
  • What depiction and reporting options does SAP PS open up?
  • How can one conclude a project and account for the results using SAP PS free of stress?