Leading and Motivating Technical Staff

Maintenance and production can only be as good as the people who are involved. New forms of organisation and innovation will only achieved the hoped-for increase in productivity if the employees are also committed to making the necessary effort. For you as a manager, therefore, your ability to lead and motivate is becoming more and more important. We will show you how to tap the unused potential of your employees through the use of up-to-date leadership techniques, as well as targeted measures and incentives, all on a permanent basis.

For this to succeed, you must be willing to participate actively.
In the form of lectures and intensive discussion, we will first examine these issues thoroughly, and then address and reflect upon the basis of examples and group and individual work.

You will learn:

  • what your role is today as a manager, and the tasks you face.
  • how you can resolve conflicts constructively.
  • how you can recognise and promote employees' potential.
  • how you can motivate your employees optimally and sustainably.
  • what performance incentives have proved effective.
  • how you can develop effective communication in your company's day-to-day business.

Seminar goals/contents

Situation and tasks of today's managers

  • What leadership styles are there, and which is the best? Which one do you use?
  • How can you "coach" your employees and/or your department?
  • You have become an interface manager, empowerment coach, initiator of changes, promoter of performance, team developer or moderator ... what to do next?
  • What do these roles mean for your day-to-day tasks?

Together with you we will shed light on these roles and provide structure for the resulting tasks.

Motivation to perform

  • How can you deal with resistance – and how can you avoid it from the very beginning?
  • What is motivation, how does it function, and who is responsible for motivation?
  • Leadership quality: motivating or demotivating? What does it depend on?
  • How do you work out a common basis with your employees so that you can achieve excellent co-operation and also have a great deal of fun?

We uncover the secret together with you. We give you time-proven tips which we have tested in many, many workshops with master workmen and technicians, and will work out with you approaches to solutions based on practical examples.

Effective communication in your company's day-to-day business

  • What is verbal/nonverbal communication?
  • How do you influence your employees? What can you improve?
  • What communications and discussion techniques are there, and what you consider when using them – or when is it better not to use them?
  • How can you plan effective meetings and employee discussions? How can these be prepared, carried out, and reviewed to facilitate success?

We humans use various styles. What are they, and how can you, as a manager, use these styles to achieve your goals?
We help you to enhance your influence on others and assist you in communicating more clearly and more effectively. You will be amazed at how much better your day-to-day work will go!