Efficient Moderation

Basic tools for efficient and successful moderation

Time and again, in project business as well, at the decisive moment we lack the right tools and equipment to act in accordance with the situation and the target group. In this event series you will find the skills that will enable you at the decisive moment to master brilliantly this difficult management task. Professional preparation, optimal structuring and productive, goal-oriented organisation are the central elements here. Existing moderation structures, their preparation and execution are also supported efficiently and economically.

Goals of the seminar

  • What is the basic concept on which general moderation is built?
  • What is the utility of professional moderation?
  • What is the role of the moderator?
  • How does one prepare for moderation?
  • How does one use intervention techniques effectively?


Lead personnel, project managers and trainers learn the significance of moderation as an efficient method for successfully mastering group processes, meetings or discussions.

Productive, goal-oriented organisation, professional preparation and structured execution will be taught in this workshop. Proven moderation structures and checklists support your preparation and execution economically.