Document Management in Maintenance with SAP DWS

Production and business processes are becoming increasingly complex, and the quality of documentation and availability of information are therefore becoming more and more important. A coupling of the document management system with systems for computer-based development and production avoids redundant data management and lack of consistency, and reduces the amount of work required for data generation and updating. To build up a needs-related IT infrastructure, in which document management is embedded, many companies rely on system solutions, i.e. integrated standard software. The SAP system DVS is in widespread use; its employment for documentation purposes is covered in this seminar.

The seminar provides comprehensive information on SAP's own document management system, DVS, in the context of maintenance.
You will become familiar with the contents and process of a DVS project.
You will learn how a concept for the use of DVS can be designed and implemented for the maintenance sphere in your work environment, and what crucial points must be considered in doing so.

We have designed this seminar especially for users from all branches of industry who wish to obtain a thorough overview of the subject of document management systems (DVS) and document management in the context of maintenance.

Seminar contents:

  • Principal trends in document management
    - Previous emphases and current trends
    - Process-oriented document management
  • Standards in document management
  • Requirements for documentation in companies
    - Differences between requirements in administration and industry
    - Requirements for documentation in maintenance
    - Requirements for the administration of maintenance documents
  • Main functions of the SAP document management system DVS
    - Storage strategies
    - Security areas
    - Linking of documents with SAP objects in logistics
    - Document classification
    - Document parts lists
    - Document hierarchy
    - Authorisation with digital signatures
    - Workflow and document management
    - Status management
    - Redlining in CAD drawings
  • Third-party systems in conjunction with SAP DVS
  • Procedure for the introduction of DVS
    - Cost-effectiveness analysis
    - Analysis of the initial situation
    - Formulation of tasks for DVS
    - The project team
    - Organisational restructuring
    - Training