Designing Project Management Manuals

Participants will be able to recognise the significance and the necessity of project management manuals as orientation guides for project management.

You will learn:

  • to correctly assess the position of a project management manual in the organisation.
  • to design the structure of a project management manual,
  • to fill this structure with contents from your own experience,
  • to integrate the project management manual in an appropriate manner in relation to the customer.

Contents of the seminar:

  • Definition and significance of a project management manual
  • Significance of a project management manual in your own organisation
  • Who has to be integrated into the development process?
  • What must be included and why?
  • Fixed and variable structural elements of a project management manual
  • Forms of content presentation for individual structural elements
  • Position / utility of individual structural elements in the legal relationship to the customer
  • Organisation of the introduction to the project management manual
  • Organisation of change management