"Black Belt" Training for Team Developers

Training blocks for internal team developers

Teamwork is a word which is on everyone's lips. The employees, methods and the corporate culture which make it possible do not develop by themselves, however. Teamwork must not only be initiated, it must also be continuously promoted, supported and pushed forward.

With TEAM CONCEPT™ we provide you with a proven method which supports you through the entire process of introducing teamwork and implementing it permanently. In a three-stage course of instruction, Black Belt process facilitators are given comprehensive training and qualifications to support the team development process. This training includes, besides a complete set of participant books, didactically conceived scripts for each unit, extensive trainer notes and a train-the-trainer booklet with notes on moderation and intervention techniques, etc.

1. Training sequence: Status determination
Duration: 3 days
Goal: Kick-off and delineation of the subject "teamwork"

  • Historical outline of teamwork and models
  • Concept for conducting informational events
  • Significance and creation of slogans, signets, informational brochures, flyers
  • Procedure for development of a visualisation concept for the areas of teamwork
  • Success factors for teamwork and status determination

2. Training sequence: Team Concept Training
Duration: 5 days
Goal: To impart necessary training skills for team development

  • Fundamentals of methodology and training materials
  • Preparation and execution of team training
  • Work with training units such as Personal Contribution, Understanding Personal Styles, and Common Basis: Getting to Know One Another, Building Trust and Personal Esteem, Communicating Effectively, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Dealing with Conflicts, Definitions for Evaluating Performance, Development of Personal Responsibility, Effective Discussions, Problem-solving Techniques, Continuous Improvement of the Work Process, Customer Satisfaction.

3. Training sequence: Team-Management
Duration: 4 days
Goal: Building internal consulting and OD competence

  • A more in-depth look at intervention and moderation techniques
  • Initiating and facilitating CIP projects
  • Preparation and execution of team audits
  • The new role of managers
  • Project management and process coaching