"Black Belt" Training as a TPM Manager

A seminar TPM project managers and promoters

TPM is an integrated maintenance concept for enhancing overall system effectiveness, and is in use at present at a large number of successful companies. It brings in all of the employees involved in the value creation chain, especially the machine setters, system operators and maintenance personnel, and demands their intensive and creative co-operation and individual responsibility. The goal of the "Black Belt" training is to work out the fundamental tasks of a TPM manager and to give participants the necessary skills.

Seminar goal/contents

1. The fundamentals of TPM

  • The building blocks of TPM: comprehensive systems management, preventive maintenance and autonomous maintenance
  • Goals: What do the top companies achieve with TPM?
  • The steps to success with TPM

2. The decisive elements of TPM:

  • Key productivity figures
  • Standardisation
  • Visual management
  • CIP and teamwork
  • Training and motivating employees

3. How to start and facilitate the TPM process:

  • Determine the baseline: the basis for demonstrating success
  • The efficient TPM team: composition and distribution of tasks
  • Thorough cleaning and 5S as a prelude: tips for preparation and execution
  • Goal-oriented tracking of measures and process facilitation