TARfighter Agenda - North America

Welcome and Introduction
Turnaround Project Background and Stakeholders
Getting into Teams and an Introduction to the TARfighter Simulation
Expert Presentation: Aligning Your Turnaround Strategy

An organization must factor/outline years in advance all the key objectives and elements required to ensure the successful outcomes of shutdown, turnaround and outage events. A well-executed strategy can represent a source of competitive advantage for an entire organization.

Morning Comfort Break
Formulating your Critical Path

Having now been introduced to the simulation, KPIs and project scenario, this is your first opportunity to work together with your team to plan your project and set up your critical path. Take this “front-end time” to consider priorities, approach and strategy.

Lunch Break
Team Module #1: Intervention

Developing your team’s confidence. A large shutdown/turnaround project is daunting and many teams lack experience. In this model, the team learns to constantly monitor progress on many different and moving frontlines, developing situations, unforeseen events, near-misses, to name but a few. Learning to act quickly, safely and with commercial regard, are all part of the teams remit. Setting up the initial foundations and critical path will provide the direction that the model takes for the entire exercise.

Afternoon Refreshment Break
Debrief of Module #1: How to Challenge a Critical Shutdown/Turnaround Project

Share your experiences and thinking from module #1. How does this compare to real-life experience? Would you do anything differently? Take part in active discussion with your team mates and other group members, and discuss the objective feedback of our expert trainer.

Expert Presentation: Scoping

Turnaround Management encompasses a number of success critical components such as planning, contractor management or scheduling – but by far the most important one is the subject of ‘scope management’. Let´s discuss why turnaround scope management is so important and challenging and who we should handle this critical task

Wrap Up and Close of TARfighter Day 1

Note! If you would like to consider a more in depth training session in-house at your site, the TARfighter agenda can be extended to allow further time for discussion and theoretical training

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