In-house Training

Do you have experienced team members who would benefit from the opportunity to take a step back and evaluate their performance and approach? Does your leadership truly understand the fundamentals of a successful turnaround and the everyday challenges that team members face? Do you wish to train more junior members of your team on key turnaround decision making?

Running the TARfighter simulation at your own site or office is a cost effective and flexible way of bringing your team together for a true-to-life turnaround simulation, free from risk. Our in-house simulation delivers compact, concise and practical knowledge in an optimal timeframe.

Whether it’s part of your project preparation, evaluation, or continuous improvement programme, you select the time and the place.

For more information on in-house training download our brochure, or to arrange a more detailed discussion please contact Richard Carrington

Benefits of running TARfighter in-house:

  • Private and behind closed doors – candidly evaluate past successes, challenges, lessons learned and improvement areas with your colleagues
  • Bring the full team together – this is an opportunity for all functions to come together and understand the importance of each other’s roles and deliverables
  • Compact, concise and practical knowledge delivered in an optimal timeframe
  • Mix of simulation, discussion, real life case studies and theory – pick up new ideas, methods, and approaches to improve future turnaround project success
  • Flexible to meet your needs – you choose the time, place, duration, attendees and group size
  • Adapted exclusively for you – whether over three days, a full week, or beyond, we will deliver content and training to meet your needs


Duration: Standard 2-3 days; expandable to 5 days

Number of participants: TARfighter can be set up to cater for smaller groups (maximum 12 participants), medium sized groups (13-20 participants), or larger groups (21-50 participants)

Languages: English, German











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