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Is your team prepared for upcoming shutdown and turnaround projects?

Shutdowns and turnarounds are amongst the most expensive, time consuming and complex technical projects that asset intensive industries face. Is your team prepared for your next project?

TARfighter is a unique shutdown and turnaround project simulation workshop, designed to help your team enhance end-to-end turnaround management and decision making, free from real life risk and pressure.

Over the course of this comprehensive two day workshop, the simulation will move through all phases of the critical project path, including:

  • Intervention – building your critical path and team to undertake a complex turnaround project
  • Scoping – optimize turnaround scope and define pre/ post turnaround activities
  • Detail planning and scheduling – creating turnaround quality assurance and control plans
  • Execution – productively managing all aspects of your turnaround and responding to events ‘on the ground’
  • Project evaluation – analyze and assess your performance and identify areas for future improvement



How can TARfighter enhance your team's project performance?

Regardless of your project scope or experience level, TARfighter is a cost-effective way of bringing your team together as part of project preparation or evaluation.

  • Unify your team understanding and togetherness: when teams face large-scale TARs for the first time together, a risk-free simulation will help identify and iron-out natural teething problems, and increase group awareness of individual roles and interaction
  • The workshop can form the perfect first step for medium – long term planning for the next major TAR: Course roll-out 12 – 18 months in advance of your next major project can help align key stakeholders from different functional areas, focus attention on potential hazards, and mitigate against risks of scope mismanagement, costly over-runs and potential contractor collaboration issues
  • Created and delivered by shutdown and turnaround experts. For over 20 years, T.A. Cook's team have supported clients in planning and delivering turnaround projects globally. Throughout TARfighter, this expertise is passed onto attendees who will be sure to pick up best practice, real life insights and theory to compliment the live simulation experience
  • Delivered in both public and in-house formats, choose to either share experiences with peers, or bring your team together privately
  • Mixture of simulation, discussion, real life case studies and theory, allowing you to pick up practical new ideas and tips, benchmark with peers, and learn from our experts
  • Compact, concise and practical knowledge delivered in an optimal timeframe

Over the following pages, we invite you to learn more and look forward to welcoming you at one of our upcoming public workshops, or at an in-house TARfighter at your site.