Improve end-to-end turnaround management decision-making, free from risk

This is the perfect workshop in which to benchmark your current approach to TAR projects. The workshop will allow you to appreciate the consequences of your decisions and consider what you should and could do to improve your TAR results.

TARfighter simulates a realistic turnaround management project with approximately 40 different work packages. The workshop is based around a challenging project approach, modelled on real-life events or challenges, complemented by cutting edge tar management methodology, theory, and case studies.

A unique simulation workshop – be prepared for a truly interactive, discursive, enlightening and often competitive experience, based on real-life decision-making scenarios.

All TARfighter participants are grouped in to competing teams with a target of delivering their turnaround against a pre-defined set of KPIs based on Safety; Quality; Duration and Budget. TARfighter takes attendees through the key project phases, including:


The set phases of the simulations are complemented by group discussion sessions, educational sessions, recaps, and presentations, and are relevant to all asset intensive industries (the simulation is based on a petrochemical production site).