SAP Mobile Technology

SAP: Digital Industries: Changing The Game -  How Mobile Is Enabling Digital Transformation

'The buzz: “Connectivity is productivity” -Huffington Post 021215. While we as consumers spend more time on mobile devices than on traditional computing devices, the transformative power of mobile has not fully reached the workplace. Beyond getting email, alerts and chat on a phone, workers across industries around the globe cannot access mission-critical enterprise data, make decisions or take action from any location on the devices they love. Why not? Underlying business systems are not linked through a digital core to provide a seamless end user experience, resulting in wasted time and added'

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SAP Mobile Technology

SAP: 'Next Generation Field Worker'

See how field workers can leverage their mobile devices to optimize their work efficiency and become more productive. Everything’s better when it performs at its peak. Especially when it's your job to keep the lights on.

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SAP Mobile Technology

SAP: Digital Industries Changing the Game: Power of Mobile Transforming the Automotive Industry: Insight to Action

'The buzz: “Get in or you’ll miss the fun” -Katie McGarry, Pushing the Limits. We’re entering a new age of the mobile experience, as smart devices and business productivity tools change how we work, communicate, sell, and buy. But workers in the Automotive industry around the globe now need to access, make decisions, and take action on sensor-and-device-generated mission-critical enterprise data from wherever they are. How is the new mobile driving business efficiency and value in this always-mobile industry? The experts speak. Larry Stolle, SAP: “The problem is not whether machines think but whether men do” -B.D. Skinner. Heather Ashton, IDC: “All human development, no matter what form it takes, must be outside the rules: otherwise we would never have anything new” -Charles F. Kettering. Otto Schell, GM: “If anybody else says it's like old times, I'll jump out the window” -Charlie Chaplin.Join us for Insight to Action: Power of Mobile in the Transformed Automotive Industry.'

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