Taking reality seriously - towards a more self regulating management model at Statoil, Bjarte Bogsnes, Senior Advisor - Performance Framework at Statoil

'At Statoil, we try to take reality seriously, not just a dynamic and unpredictable business environment, but also all the competent and responsible people in the company. It sounds obvious, but requires fundamental changes in how we lead and manage. In 2005 we started on a journey of radically changing our management processes, which included abolishing traditional budgeting. In 2010 we also decided to “kick out the calendar”. These were both key steps towards a more dynamic, flexible and self-regulating management model.'

Bjarte will be presenting on 'Beyond Budgeting - An Agile Management Model for New Business and People Realities' at the Plant Management Forum, read his full blog here.

"Digital is at the Heart of our Operations",  Thomas Chapell, Plant Management Forum Event Producer

'Heavy industry is witnessing wide-scale technological change and digitalisation is firmly at the heart of any modernisation strategy.  Asset-centric businesses are increasingly turning to new technology and solutions to meet their requirements. Martin Daronnat, speaker at the PLANT MANAGEMENT FORUM, is talking about the need to leverage new technology and solutions in industrial plant operations, as well as his experiences in connecting, monitoring and steering multiple decentralised assets as VPP (Virtual Power Plant) at E.ON.'

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Industrial Plant Management, Thomas Chapell, Plant Management Forum Event Producer

Pre-event reseach for Plant Management Forum 'revealed 3 areas that plant and site leadership recognised as key challenges in modern plant management; data management and digital enablers, the skills/talent gap and workforce/people management.'

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Michael Glessner, Director at Kalypso: The Factory of the Future: A Day in the Life of a Plant Manager in 2020

'Smart factories, enabled by augmented reality, predictive analytics, and the digital twin, may not be as futuristic as you think. Need inspiration to get started? Here's our vision of the factory of the future, and the people and processes that will be impacted.'

Read Micheal's article on LinkedIn here