Conference Agenda Day Two

Wednesday, 13 June, 2018

Chairperson's Opening Remarks and Welcome Back
New Plant Management - Virtual Plant Operations

» Leveraging new technology to enhance operations
» The requirements necessary for building a virtual power plant
» Connecting, monitoring and steering multiple decentralised assets
» Challenges around operating a 24/7 live system, part of the country's critical infrastructure
» Gaining greater visibility over your plant’s health and real-time updates on asset status
Martin Daronnat, Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Operations Manager, E.ON

Information Overload! Creating Value From Data

» A look at BASF operation and the practical view on big data analytics
» How is our data operation impacting our operations and revolutionising production process
» Optimising process on relevant KPIs (e.g. yield and quality) with data
» The requirements, practical analytics, values and benefits of data and data analytics throughout our operation
Dr. Heiko Kulinna, Laboratory Head of Plant Support 3, BASF

Morning Refreshments
Plant Management Interchange

Hosted by subject matter experts, round table discussions will allow you to pick and choose specific industry and subject matter discussion groups. You will have the opportunity to raise questions, concerns and experiences in an intimate peer-to-peer environment

Talent Retention and Bridging Your Skills Gap

The lack of well-placed talent to replace an ageing workforce is a growing challenge for all asset intensive industries. With this pressure in mind, how can you ensure your plant is stocked with talent?
How do you retain your workforce? How do you attract the next generation of skilled plant management?
Vanessa Smith, Former Plant Director at Mondelez - Sheffield Facility

Developing an Optimised Plant Asset Management Strategy

How can you balance your costs, opportunities and risks against the desired performance of assets to achieve your organisational objectives? This discussion group will explore how standards such as PAS55 and ISO 55000 can help your organisation to successfully benchmark all aspects of your asset lifecycle. Build on the collective knowledge and experience of the group, take away key lessons and proven best practices
Dirk Frame, Managing Consultant, T.A. Cook Consultants

Communication and External Stakeholder Engagement

The press spotlight and social media means news travels fast. Under scrutiny to perform, plant leadership requires a rapid and seamless response before you and your board are under pressure.
How robust is your disaster and emergency planning plan? How well do you engage your stakeholders? How is your plant perceived in the local community?
Neil Allen, Site Manager, Veolia Energy

Asset Risk Management

Are you aware of your full asset risk profile? A failure to control this can lead to huge unscheduled downtime and scope creep.
In this discussion, we will address how you can manage asset risk. Which tools are you using? What’s your risk appetite? How do you involve your engineers into the process? How can you convince board members/shareholders to approve CAPEX to reduce risk?
Host To Be Confirmed

Networking Lunch
Savings, Profit and Credibility: Enhanced Carbon Emissions & Operations Reporting

» Increasing transparency with both external and internal stakeholders to a successful plant operation
» How is customer and supplier engagement changing with enhanced reporting?
» What benefits and efficiencies are born out of better internal operations reporting?
» Using plant reporting to boost profitability
» The requirements, practical analytics, values and benefits of data and data analytics throughout Veolia's operation
» Increased carbon savings and credibility in the market place
» Investigating fuel and commodity management
Neil Allen, Site Manager, Veolia

Challenges of Reaching a Unified Approach to Asset Management

» Requirements of an asset management toolkit
» Enhanced functionality to support key process within the plant
» Implementation and change management
Nigel Smaller, Manager Asset Systems, British Steel

'Looking From Outside In’ – Performance, Efficiency, and Operations in the Automotive Industry

Take this opportunity to think ‘outside of the box’ and hear the perspective of another industry, as they tackle performance, operations, safety, efficiency, and digital innovation. Draw inspiration and cross-industry learning that you can take away into your operations.
Reserved for Toyota

Plant Leadership Panel and Discussion Round

Take part in extended discussion with a panel of plant decision makers. Discuss and debate key topics 

from the day and put forward your questions.

Chairperson's Closing Remarks and Close of Conference