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Articles How a smart flexible grid could save the UK £40bn, Simon Evans


"A smart, flexible electricity grid could help the UK cut carbon more cheaply, saving up to £40bn between now and 2050."


Read the full article here The future growth of the CCGT industry, Jankin Rooke Contracts


Jankin Rooke Contracts explores the growing popularity of combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT) over traditional power generation plants.


Read the full article here Modernize Gas Turbine Controls with an Eye on the Future, Tom McDonnell


"Despite the surge in new natural-gas power capacity that has been built since 2000, many older simple cycle and combined cycle gas plants remain in use, some dating back to the 1950s. The need for station and unit control reliability is critical in these decades-old plants, especially as power producers seek to maintain competitive and profitable plant operations amid declining peak generation prices."


Read the full article here How to Increase Power Plant Asset Reliability Using Modern Digital Technology, Juan Panama


"Digital tools can benefit power plants of all types, yet adding the necessary instrumentation can be costly. However, some of the latest technology doesn’t have to break the bank."


Read the full article here.
 Gas supply fears as cold snap continues

"National Grid has warned it may not have enough gas to meet UK demand on Thursday and has asked suppliers to provide more."


Read the full article here British power capacity auction fails to attract gas projects, Nina Chestney


“The auctions for the next three years will depend entirely on the government’s view on how quickly and uniformly they want their targeted new gas build of 3-7.5 GW to be built to plug the gap from coal closures by 2025”.


This article looks at the 2021/22 UK Capacity Auction. 


Read the full article here