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Stuart Saint, Commerical and Contracts Lead, Marchwood Power Ltd.

My career began in the Royal Navy as a Marine Engineering Mechanic on-board nuclear submarines advancing to Petty Officer Marine Engineer Mechanic within 5 years. I was selected onto the Artificer training programme in 2001, where I changed specialisation to Electrical. After 12 years of service I left the armed forces to pursue a career in the power industry.

I joined Marchwood Power, a state of the art Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) station in 2008. Through the commissioning and infancy of this plants lifecycle, the dynamic nature of this phase allowed me to be involved in many different challenges and fully explore the capabilities of the plant.

Having seen the changes in the market over the last 10 years, my focus is now the future of Marchwood in a changing industry, looking to secure the long term success of one of the UK's most efficient CCGT power plant.

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