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Kamal Al-Refai, Quality & Performance Manager, Saudi Electric Company

Kamal is a mechanical engineer with 13 years of experience in the power generation, petrochemical and oil & gas sectors.  His work has seen him work on projects that look into plant maintenance, maintenance strategy, value based maintenance, QA/QC maintenance cost and data analysis & visualization. Currently working at the Rabigh Power Plant in Saudi Arabia, Kamal is part of a workforce that operate on the worlds largest CCGT power generation fleet.  Rabigh alone stands as the 7th biggest power plant in the world with total production amounting to 7150MW.

With around 5 years of work experience at Saudi Electricity Company, Kamal's current workload and responsibilities include; the performance of BOP units and the overal status of assets, performance test evaluations, the quality of maintenance activities and overhaul projects, condition monitoring and much more.

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