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COS-33 GmbH is a reliable and trustworthy SAP partner. It has been committed to the enhancement and optimization of flexible real estate software from SAP since 1997. From its home base in Zug, Switzerland, COS-33 provides solutions to its customers worldwide. It believes in innovations that make simplification, efficiency, and comfort possible.

•    COS-33’s mission:
To provide ready-to-install, ready-to-run solutions that give immediate access to additional functions and which can be customized to specific customer needs

•    COS-33 product lines:
-    Reporting, including data extraction functions
-    Mass change of data fields and transfer/copy of all data from the flexible real estate (RE-FX) software to a new company
-    Support for business processes offered by COS-33’s cloud solution , which provides the tenants of sales-based contracts (variable contracts) with a sales-figure-entry function, storing the numbers directly in the contract in the RE-FX software

Experience the benefits of COS-33’s cloud solution “CS 320 RE-FX Sales-Based Rent Accelerator” at the presentation of COS-33’s French customer Société des Centres Commerciaux (SCC).

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Visit us at www.ey.com/home.

Silver Sponsors


Condeco Group Ltd develops and delivers workplace management solutions that improve the way people work and how organizations operate across the globe. Through our workplace scheduling and office utilization software and hardware, companies are maximizing the use of their office space. They can ensure high-pressure meetings run smoothly and work areas maintain flexibility. They can provide essential real-time data on workspace usage for future planning. That’s why global Fortune 500 companies, like Barclays plc, Nestle SA, and General Electric Company, are implementing our solutions worldwide.

For further information on Condeco’s workplace solutions and to learn more about how “smart office” technology is transforming companies around the world, visit www.condecosoftware.com.

Korasoft GmbH, a software and consulting company based in Germany and the United States, serves customers all over the world. The company focuses on implementation projects in the area of real estate and building management.

Based on extensive project experience, Korasoft’s key capability is to help customers merge the SAP® ERP application and cloud data with graphic information systems like CAD and building information modeling (BIM) software. Korasoft has packaged its experience as a standard software product for visual real estate management based on vector graphics floor plans.

Korasoft’s comprehensive, easy-to-use solution integrates existing floor plans and geographical maps into alphanumeric property data that is managed by SAP ERP and cloud services. The software’s graphic visualization is based on the SAP GUI interface and Web-based SAP Fiori® apps built with SAP 3D Visual Enterprise applications. Master data support is provided by AutoCAD or Autodesk Revit, both by Autodesk Inc.

The software can directly connect architects and engineers with accounting and management people, who are actively supported by Korasoft’s consulting skills. The software can automate a number of processes based on the floor plans, including customer service, maintenance, and sales.

For more information, visit www.korasoft.net.

NavVis GmbH develops cutting-edge technology that fully digitalizes indoor spaces and processes. Its innovative digital indoor platform is easy to use and intuitive, making the benefits of digitalization accessible to everyone. Three transformational technological innovations comprise our platform. The M3 Indoor Mapping Trolley is a highly accurate, easy-to-use indoor mapping and scanning device that facilitates data acquisition in any indoor space. The browser-based IndoorViewer software enables users to access and interact with 3D building models and maps from any device. Indoor Navigation technology uses machine learning and computer vision to bring highly accurate navigation to indoor spaces without additional infrastructure.