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Stora Enso, Reetta Liikala

Reetta is head of Stora Enso’s Group Internal Control function responsible for group-wide internal control governance, processes, tools, training and reporting to management covering about 180 business units and service functions in 35 countries. Her role in the second line of defense is to support management in developing and maintaining strong control environment, risk management and internal controls to ensure reliable financial reporting and safeguarding of company assets. Reetta has 15 years’ experience in internal audit, internal control, accounting and financial controlling.


Reetta is also Ethics Ambassador promoting ethical culture on the front line by helping in spreading the message of business ethics and building bridges between Stora Enso’s ethics & compliance programme and day-to-day business. 


About the company

Stora Enso is the leading global provider of solutions in packaging, bio materials, wooden constructions & paper and is dedicated to replacing non-renewable materials by innovating and developing new products and services based on renewable materials. For more information, please check out the video “What a tree can do” at the link: