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Financier Worldwide Magazine: Innovation and technology for GRC Roundtable,


"A comprehensive governance, risk management & compliance (GRC) programme is a fundamental component of any company’s business armoury."


In this Roundtable discussion, Shaun Brady (Center for Model Based Regulation), Randy Stephens (NAVEX Global), Patrick Henz (Primetals Technologies), Don Andrews (Reed Smith), Thomas Kimner (SAS) and Luis Kolster (Walmart International) discuss how technology is affecting GRC processes, the essential elements of an effective GRC programme and the future of GRC, among other topics. 


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What You Can Expect at the International SAP Conference on Internal Controls, Compliance, and Risk Management; Thomas Frenehard,


Learn more about the International SAP Conference on Internal Controls, Compliance and Risk Management with this article from Thomas Frenehard. Get more information about the pre-conference workshops, presentations from customers & guest speakers, and SAP-led sessions on offer. 


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GRC Tuesdays: Delivering the Insight as an Analytics and Insight Team, Chris Johnston,


"It’s true— in almost every area I work in, it is the insight we provide which is of most strategic value to our customers."


In this article, Chris Johnston looks at how companies are risking becoming data rich but insight poor, and suggests that GRC needs to move beyond manual methods, through automation. 


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GRC Tuesdays: ‘He Who Seeks Peace, Prepares…’ with Automated Monitoring!, Thomas Frenehard,


"One of the major components of governance, risk and compliance is often simply taken for granted: the 'governance' pillar itself".


In this article, Thomas Frenehard explores what he believes is an integral aspect of ensuring that the governance works adequately: continuous monitoring. 


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GRC Tuesdays: What Do GRC Reports And Plato Have In Common? It’s All An Impression, Thomas Frenehard,


"Most executives tell me they use static reports they receive either online or even in a printed format. To some extent – and apologies to the true philosophers – this could be compared to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.


In this metaphor, a group of prisoners are chained in a cave and forced to stare at a wall in front of them. Displayed on this wall are shadows of objects, puppets, and so on. Hence, they see only an image of the real world, but not the reality itself."


In this article, our workshop leader Thomas Frenehard, explores how technology can improve risk and compliance reports to deliver information as opposed to just providing data. 


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Digitalist Magazine: How CFOs Can Make Compliance A Competitive Weapon, Thack Brown,

"Right now, compliance may seem like a necessary evil – a chore with punishments for tardiness or deviation. If that’s your thinking, I urge you to view compliance as a lever, one that will help you operate your business better by providing visibility into operations and enterprise risk, while reducing waste. It can also help you take advantage of new market opportunities, especially when competing against other companies that haven’t made compliance a priority."


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GRC Tuesdays: iGRC and the Three Lines of Defense, Bruce McCuaig,

"What is iGRC, you may ask, and what does it have to do with the Three Lines of Defense framework?"

In this GRC Tuesdays blog, Bruce takes us through the technology required to digitize the Three Lines of Defense.

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GRC Tuesdays: GDPR Is about More Than Data Management, It’s about Governance, Neil Patrick,

"Lately, I’ve been noticing that several software solutions and presentations focus on the data management aspects of GDPR ... Of course, this is necessary, and a good starting point. However, the challenge posed to companies by GDPR is more about the organisational and procedural changes..."

Neil Patrick gives his take on the GDPR in this GRC Tuesdays blog from

Read the full blog here.






Digitalist Magazine: The Finance Leadership Playbook Part 4: Building A Strong Compliance Foundation To Improve Risk Mitigation, Michael Diehl,


Michael Diehl explains why he believes it’s time to rethink risk management and compliance and how collaboration between the two could make a significant difference.


Read the full article here.



Digitalist Magazine: Can The Market’s “Invisible Hand” Help Drive GRC Visibility?, Bruce Romney,


Join Bruce Romney as he considers Adam Smith's 'invisible hand' and explores the one constant in business: "the objective of providing a good or service that not only fills a need but can also generate an ethical profit that could result in wealth and well-being for its stakeholders". 


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