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Driving Advanced Continuous Monitoring for Improved Visibility and Efficiency

In today’s competitive business climate, organisations face a multitude of challenges. As you fight to achieve operational efficiency and commercial success, failure to keep a sharp focus on corporate governance, risk and compliance can have catastrophic consequences.

But to see GRC as only about avoiding compliance violations and avoiding risk, is to miss out on the multitude of opportunities it can also provide in ensuring your company achieves its strategic objectives.  Control information can be used to improve operational efficiency, risk information to better achieve financial performance and internal audit to provide independent assurance and better insight into areas that provide potential for improvement.

T.A. Cook, in partnership with SAP, are delighted to bring you the International SAP Conference on Internal Controls, Compliance and Risk Management - a business centric event designed to demonstrate the power of SAP solutions in driving advanced continuous monitoring for improved visibility and efficiency in your organisation.
Over two days, you will hear from and have the opportunity to network with SAP’s executive team, solution experts, customers, and partners, all together in one place at one time.



Event highlights will include:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of SAP’s GRC solution strategy and hear the latest news and updates
  • Dive deeper into SAP’s portfolio of solutions
  • Find out how companies from a wide range of industries have successfully deployed SAP solutions to improve visibility and efficiency
  • Participate in pre-conference interactive workshops, catered for all levels
  • Meet SAP experts and partners in a collaborative learning environment
  • Join dedicated working groups to discuss key strategic topics, brainstorm and share best practice
  • Learn more about the products and services provided by SAP partners
  • Meet, benchmark and network with your peers and the experts

A robust approach to internal controls, compliance and risk will help you stay ahead and thrive in today’s volatile business world, ready to respond to challenges, threats, opportunities, and regulatory changes the moment they arise.

We look forward to welcoming you in Amsterdam in March. Our agenda is currently in production and will be available for you to review very shortly.