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The Accenture Utilities Industry Group brings deep industry knowledge, world-class capabilities, digital innovation and cutting-edge technology to our clients to help them transform their businesses in the current and ever-evolving digital world. With decades of experience working with electric, gas and water utilities worldwide to reinvent for the next generation, our services are structured around the entire value chain to address specific industry issues. Our 15,000+ consultants work with more than 200 utilities, including 16 of the top 20 utilities on the Fortune Global 500. 

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CHOICE Revenue Intelligence helps utilities increase revenue by reducing their losses.

CHOICE Technologies offers a winning combination of Revenue Intelligence analytics software for theft detection and collection improvement integrated with the SAP HANA® platform, SAP for Utilities solutions, SAP® BusinessObjects™ business intelligence solutions, and fraud management applications. This powerful software platform, together with business expertise and an extensive knowledge base, is the foundation of the CHOICE Revenue Assurance Intelligence Center.

Revenue Intelligence is unique in many aspects, covering the full range of electricity theft – plus water and gas theft – by combating fraud activities on conventional and smart meters. The software starts with detection of theft and fraud patterns using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms and self-learning technology. It then helps select inspection targets that have a higher probability of theft and higher value, and manages the inspection processes to optimize utility recovery. Using the algorithms, CHOICE Revenue Intelligence accurately predicts fraud probability and associated financial return for each customer. Leading utilities companies confirm that the software provides the only proven commercial solution for once-a-month conventional meter readings.

Revenue Intelligence supervises over 30 million utilities customers worldwide. It has helped utilities companies such as Light S.A., with 4 million consumers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, using SAP for Utilities solutions, to improve revenue, with reported benefits above US$40 million per year. The Metering, Billing/CRM Latin America 2011 conference (now called the Latin American Utility Week conference) granted Light the 2010 Excellence Award for this project.

Revenue Intelligence Centers have managed more than 2 million field inspections, recovering over 300 gigawatts per year. This has reduced CO2 emissions by more than 350 thousand tons annually in many regions, helping utilities companies recover more than $1 billion. These returns benefit shareholders, the society, and the environment by helping increase earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA), and lowering tariffs.

Revenue Intelligence was the first application in the utilities industry to have certified integration with the SAP HANA platform and to exploit the high-speed in-memory computing database technology to maximize the benefits of the application's artificial intelligence algorithms.

Collaboration between SAP SE and CHOICE includes a co-innovation agreement and joint projects with large corporations in many regions to reduce nontechnical losses. CHOICE’s cloud solution benefits utilities companies with its fast deployment. Also commercialized as software as a service (SaaS), the cloud solution provides fast payback and a high benefit-to-cost ratio.

Established in 1993, CHOICE is headquartered in Luxembourg, with offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Madrid, Spain; Istanbul, Turkey; Warsaw, Poland; Cairo, Egypt; and Medellin, Colombia.

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BC Skills is the leading SAP services partner performing software implementation in the francophone region of Africa. It helps companies of all sizes optimize their processes. By introducing intuitive and smart solutions based on SAP® software, BC Skills enables them to take advantage of the digital transformation.


BC Skills staff includes over a hundred SAP software experts and engineers, whose know-how covers most functional and technical areas of SAP software. They are rated as the best SAP software talents in the region.


BC Skills delivers solutions for the following industries:

  • Public sector, including smart government
  • Utilities
  • Oil and gas
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunication
  • Industrial machinery and components
  • Professional services


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BTC Business Technology Consulting AG is a leading IT consulting company headquartered in Oldenburg, Germany. In order to provide IT consulting close to its customers, BTC developed a tight network of branch offices throughout Germany, with offices in Poland, Romania, Turkey, Switzerland, and Japan as well. In 2015, the BTC group generated sales of €171.7 million with around 1,600 employees.

BTC offers a wide range of trade-specific IT consulting services and has expertise in the fields of private services, energy, telecommunication, the public sector, and industry. As a full-service provider, the group is capable of handling the complete performance range required by comprehensive IT projects, from requirements analysis to business. As a pioneer in the consulting area, BTC has the flexibility to adapt to change quickly. Its industrial expertise and comprehensive IT knowledge gives it both a better vision of future trends, and the ability to provide tailor-made solutions to support the critical business processes of its customers.

BTC has comprehensive knowledge of the energy and utilities industry, and is familiar with its commercial processes as well as its technical and operational processes. BTC helps customers implement the SAP for Utilities solution portfolio, customer relationship management solutions, geographic information systems, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications. BTC is also experienced in implementing solutions for efficient energy data management. BTC has a strategic partnership with SAP.

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EOH Holdings Ltd. and SMART Government

As a division of the Johannesburg stock exchange listing EOH Holdings Ltd., EOH – an alliance services partner of SAP SE – and SMART Government truly embrace EOH’s purpose: to provide the technology, knowledge, skills, and organisational ability critical to the development and growth of the societies it serves. EOH strives to be an ethical, relevant force for good and to play a positive role in society, beyond normal business.

As a global enterprise applications and digital solutions implementation specialist, EOH has built a broad base of competence in SAP® software and technology. It represents deep industry skills and has the critical global presence that gives it the unique ability to meet the needs of developing countries.

With a clear growth strategy of international expansion and global thought leadership through industry innovation, the services EOH offers supporting SAP solutions focus on ecosystems of collaboration for problem solving. They employ EOH’s “SMART concept” to bridge the gap between strategy and execution implementation, with technology as the enabler. Focus areas address infrastructure spend, the Internet of Things, cloud “everything as a service”, and mobile solutions supporting EOH’s vision of providing solutions for a developing world.

EOH at a glance:

  • Global solution provider
  • Largest listed African technology company
  • Largest SAP partner on the African continent
  • Presence in more than 40 countries
  • 6 global delivery centers
  • 12,000 employees

Local Expertise. Global Reach.

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Add the power of location to your data. Esri helps utilities create, discover, share, and use maps anywhere, anytime, on any device. Esri’s spatial analytics enrich SAP BusinessObjects solutions to help uncover new patterns in your data, resulting in more accurate and actionable decision making. The Esri ArcGIS Platform transforms the way utilities analyze and share their data across the organization.

Operators and managers access ArcGIS for improved situational awareness and decision making. Field and office staff use ArcGIS to manage, update, and analyze information about customers, network assets, and work orders. Visit the Esri kiosk to learn how you can use Esri maps and analytics to improve safety, customer service, the bottom line, and more.


For more information, please visit:

About Grid Solutions

Grid Solutions, a General Electric and Alstom joint venture, equips 90% of power utilities companies worldwide to bring power from the point of generation to consumers. With over 200 years of combined experience in providing advanced energy solutions, its products and services enable more resilient, efficient, and reliable power systems. Over 20,000 employees in 80 countries work to satisfy its customers globally. For more information, visit

Follow Grid Solutions on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


ITGest is a systems integrator and a long-time partner of SAP. It has been delivering SAP® solutions since 2008 to utilities companies across Africa and Europe, answering the complex challenges of going digital. It knows about your business processes, and how to run, measure, and control them. It is well-positioned to help you address issues concerning best practices, governance, risk, and compliance.


Its solution accelerators and process-oriented graphical user interfaces fulfill the most demanding roles and functions in the utilities industry. They cover contact centres, customer relationship management, and service, for a 360-degree customer view, all built on top of SAP software to help you move to a higher level of OT and IT integration. You can build bridges between business and operations, prepare to adopt smart metering, and get ready to transform your service, network management, mobility, and control practices. ITGest knows your business relies heavily on managing and optimizing the assets lifecycle. To assist in that area, ITGest can help you achieve ISO 55001 certification.


The Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) from ITGest, integrated with SAP software, serves as an essential tool to help you achieve or maintain your ISO 17025 certification.


Technology is just the enabler. People will always be the key component of any organization or system. That’s why in all regions and countries, ITGest delivers certified training as part of its solution delivery framework to ensure the proper mobilization of customer teams. This helps them close skills gaps, prepare for change, and increase readiness.


At ITGest, you’ll find the right balance of leading SAP solutions and ITGest’s acceleration frameworks and specific components for utilities companies. ITGest will guide your business to efficiency together with you as a team.


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As Natuvion GmbH, we combine many years of experience in SAP® software projects with profound understanding of and process skills in the utilities industry. Our actions focus on trusted and creative working methods. We are convinced that cooperation is the basis for professional and technically innovative IT services. We create future-oriented, cost-effective, and technologically leading solutions together with our customers.

Our excellence has been recognized by SAP. We have attained SAP gold partner status, and achieved SAP Recognized Expertise in the utilities industry in Germany as well as for landscape transformation solutions in Germany. Natuvion is worldwide the only SAP gold partner who has attained SAP Recognized Expertise in both these areas.

Our solutions and services cover the entire breadth of SAP Business Suite software and include the additional core competency in the field of the SAP for Utilities solution portfolio. We offer tailor-made solutions in the fields of Big Data analytics, data privacy and security, and transformation.

Natuvion – Solutions for Your Success.

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Siemens AG, based in Berlin and Munich, is a global technology powerhouse that has been standing for engineering excellence, innovation, quality, reliability, and internationality for more than 165 years. The company is active in over 200 countries, and focuses on electrification, automation, and digitalization. One of the world's largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is a leading supplier of efficient power generation and power transmission solutions. It is a pioneer in infrastructure solutions as well as automation, drives, and software solutions for industry. The company is a leader in laboratory diagnostics and clinical IT as well as a top provider of medical imaging equipment – such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging systems. In fiscal 2016, which ended Sept. 30, 2016, Siemens generated revenue of €79.6 billion and a net income of €5.6 billion. At the end of Sept. 2016, the company had approximately 351,000 employees worldwide.

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SUBNET Solutions Inc. provides innovative interoperability solutions that combine the latest substation technologies with modern day networking and computing technologies to help electrical utilities companies build a smarter, more effective electricity grid. SUBNET creates products that make substations – and overall power grids – more intelligent. This enables you to deliver power to your customers more reliably and safely.

Over the last decade SUBNET has created many innovative solutions to bridge the real-time information gap between intelligent substation and grid monitoring devices on the one hand and powerful utilities business intelligence systems on the other. This is the focus of the Unified Grid Intelligence philosophy that has guided the company since 1992. SUBNET’s experience is put to work helping electrical utilities companies realize the potential of their substation intelligent electronic devices and business intelligence investments.

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Tech Mahindra Limited represents the connected world, offering innovative, customer-centric information technology services and solutions to enable enterprises, associates, and society to Rise™. It is a US$4.2 billion company with over 117,000 professionals across 90 countries helping more than 825 global customers, including Fortune 500 companies. Tech Mahindra’s convergent digital design experiences, innovation platforms, and reusable assets connect across a number of technologies to deliver tangible business value and experiences to stakeholders. Tech Mahindra counts among the Fab 50 companies in Asia (included in the Forbes 2016 list).


Tech Mahindra believes that understanding the customer domain is critical if technology is to be leveraged to deliver responsive, proactive services that add value to the business. Its utilities vertical is structured around a centre of excellence that integrates domain knowledge and technology. This integration helps Tech Mahindra address the challenges of the utilities business. It transforms the IT and OT landscape through thought leadership initiatives, innovative workarounds, industry-specific templates, and support for best-practice standardization across the utilities value chain. Tech Mahindra continually invests in innovative ideas, solutions, and proofs of concept that address utility industry challenges.


By maturing its support for best practices advanced by SAP for utilities companies, Tech Mahindra has created niche solutions for the industry. They include “Utilities in a Box” to support connection-to-collection and customer engagement processes; “WAM in a Box,” which covers asset management to asset health; and  “IEVCS,” a solution for grid-connected electric vehicle charging that taps into the Internet of Things (IOT). Tech Mahindra is well-aligned with the five pillars of digital strategy SAP promotes and has migrated its solutions to SAP S/4HANA®. Along with SAP, Tech Mahindra helps utilities companies digitalize and simplify their operations in order to grow profits and reduce costs.


To learn more about the Tech Mahindra utilities vertical and its capabilities, e-mail Tech Mahindra at:


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Utopia Global Inc. is a global software, consulting, and services company specializing in enterprise data solutions that enable management and governance of critical master data for an enterprise. Its “build, fix, and sustain” approach, along with best-in-class software, empowers its customers to get their data right, and keep it right. Customer, vendor, material, financial, and asset data are targeted to provide customers with better actionable insights. Governing asset data is no longer a problem with Master Data Governance for EAM by Utopia™.

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Vesta Partners is a professional services firm with deep domain expertise in asset management. We provide customers with industry best practices in business processes, brought to life through the proven SAP® Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM) solution. In addition, Vesta supports third-party applications within the SAP ecosystem to provide customers with specific solutions that meet their unique business requirements.

Vesta’s mission is to deliver to our customers the highest quality, most efficient support for asset management processes along with consulting solutions focused on SAP technology. Our real-world experience and practical solutions deliver results that translate into notable cost savings.

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Attunity Ltd. is a leading provider of software solutions that enable information availability. Attunity’s data management solutions reduce storage requirements, improve the quality and availability of test data, restore development integrity, and help ensure data security. Businesses worldwide choose the selective data copy products and services of Attunity Gold Client Solutions to maximise the value of their investments in SAP® software. The solutions help them rapidly migrate to the SAP HANA® platform and handle the data transfers required in acquisitions and divestitures. Gold Client Solutions are the most powerful and flexible ways to transform, synchronise, and copy select data subsets across your SAP software landscapes, on-premises or in the cloud.


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With more than 190,000 people, Capgemini is present in over 40 countries. It celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2017. A global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing services, the Capgemini Group reported 2016 global revenues of €12.5 billion. Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business, technology, and digital solutions that fit the needs of its customers, enabling them to achieve innovation and competitive edge. A deeply multicultural organization, Capgemini has developed its own way of working, the Collaborative Business Experience™, and draws on Rightshore®, its worldwide delivery model.

Learn more about Capgemini's utilities practices at:

About EY’s Global Power and Utilities Services

In a world of uncertainty, changing regulatory frameworks, and environmental challenges, utilities companies must maintain a secure and reliable power supply, while anticipating change and reacting to it quickly. EY’s global power and utilities services bring together a worldwide team of professionals to help utilities companies succeed – a team with deep technical experience in providing assurance, tax, transaction, and advisory services. The team anticipates market trends, identifies their implications, and develops points of view on relevant industry issues. Ultimately, this team enables EY to help organizations meet their goals and compete more effectively.

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On Device Solutions Ltd. is a niche IT consultancy providing enterprise mobility services and products. Its goal is to be your "Trusted Mobility Partner".


On Device Solutions has many years of experience rolling out mobile asset management and field service solutions like the SAP® Mobile Asset Management application, the SAP Work Manager mobile app, and bespoke builds. Recently On Device Solutions launched “myJobCard”, a mobile work and asset management application that comes with a built-in dynamic form engine and integrates with the SAP ERP application.


“myJobCard” brings together best practices from the extensive experience On Device Solutions has acquired deploying mobile asset management solutions. In addition to incorporating feedback provided by customers, the application leverages the latest advances in mobile technology. Giving employees access to and visibility into data, processes, and interactions anywhere and anytime can increase their performance and productivity, and improve both tactical and strategic decision-making processes. Companies using a mobile solution have seen productivity increases of 50% and preventable failure reductions of 90%, as well as other improvements.


Watch this two-minute video to learn more about "myJobCard" and get in touch to request a demo.

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Future business will be digital business, as digital becomes the new norm for business operations. Information is at the heart of this digital transformation. OpenText Corporation is an established leader in managing unstructured information in the context of business processes in an SAP® software environment.

OpenText’s integrated solutions for SAP software enable utilities companies to realize the full value of digital data and pursue ongoing innovation in such key areas as customer experience, enterprise asset management, and IT/OT convergence. These solutions enable business transformation by digitizing key utility processes that leverage SAP technology innovations, such as the SAP HANA® platform as well as cloud and mobile offerings.

Simplify. Run Digital. OpenText.

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OSIsoft LLC, a global leader in operational intelligence, delivers an open enterprise infrastructure to connect sensor-based data, operations, and people to enable real-time, actionable insights. As the maker of the PI System, OSIsoft empowers companies across a range of industries in activities such as exploration, extraction, production, generation, process and discrete manufacturing, distribution, and services. We help companies leverage streaming data to optimize and enrich their businesses.

For over 30 years, OSIsoft customers have embraced the PI System to deliver process, quality, energy, regulatory compliance, safety, security, and asset health improvements across their operations. Founded in 1980, OSIsoft is a privately held company, headquartered in San Leandro, California, with offices around the world.

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PeachGroup B.V. helps utilities companies to optimize their maintenance and service processes. With its agile approach, PeachGroup connects people and processes with machines and software. It analyzes and optimize your processes, implements SAP® software, and develops Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

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We, PROLOGA GmbH, have been giving advice to customers in the utilities and waste management industries for more than 15 years. We plan and specify IT solutions for our customers. Our deep expertise has enabled us to embark on a cooperative relationship in development with SAP SE.

Our specialized experience and know-how in the utilities industry focuses on the development of business-oriented, high-performance solutions for companies working in a complex, industry-specific environment.

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Scalers & Victors (S&V), an SAP partner, offers a well-established brand within the data management space. It provides services related to data quality that address data governance, data migration, data cleansing, and data consolidation. Within asset-intensive industries, such as the utilities and oil and gas industries, S&V's services are used to develop structures that define asset boundaries and hierarchies. This facilitates alignment to global ISO standards and helps manage O&M costs. S&V services specifically related to SAP® software include building functional location, equipment, and bill-of-material structures end to end. S&V implements the SAP Master Data Governance application and SAP Data Services software to ensure ongoing data quality, builds data dashboards, and facilitates the governance of data elements used by the SAP for Utilities solution portfolio. S&V's expertise extends to the data science domain and embraces academic partnerships through which it engages in building mathematical models and solving complex use cases. If you are thinking of data, think of S&V. Capture the QR code on your nametag ribbon and talk to us.


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With over 55,000 users at 850 sites from Fortune 1000 companies, VIZIYA Corp. is the standard for enterprise asset management (EAM) software worldwide. VIZIYA is an esteemed SAP partner and an SAP-certified provider of application management services focusing on helping asset-intensive companies optimize their asset performance. VIZIYA's WorkAlign Suite supports multiple platforms, multiple instances, and system transitions. VIZIYA's portfolio includes WorkAlign Scheduler, with support for field service, maintenance analytics, maintenance budgeting, mobile, and warranty tracking operations, as well as support for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) engine.

VIZIYA creates purpose-built maintenance software solutions – in the cloud or on-premise – for all major computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). Its Web-based, out-of-the-box solutions integrate seamlessly to optimize your asset utilization and deliver continuous improvement.

For more information, visit

Wipro Ltd. (NYSE:WIT) is a global information technology, consulting, and outsourcing company with a workforce exceeding 170,000 that serves clients in over 175 cities across 6 continents with $7.7 billion revenues in fiscal year 2016. Wipro helps customers do business better by offering its industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise, wide range of services, and vertically aligned business model.


Wipro has been an SAP global services partner providing strategic services for system integration based on SAP® solutions since 2007. With a comprehensive portfolio of consulting services, Wipro is well positioned to facilitate business growth for customers by accelerating their digital adoption and innovating service transformation. Wipro’s application management and consulting capabilities, combined with integrated SAP offerings for cloud, infrastructure, and analytics, enable Wipro to deliver measurable business outcomes. Wipro features as a leader in “Gartner's Magic Quadrant for SAP Application Services.”


Wipro's innovative solutions help electricity, gas, and water utilities companies improve their top line by creating differentiated offerings and processes that benefit the consumer.


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Application Development Partners


AED-SICAD Aktiengesellschaft is one of Europe’s largest providers of state-of-the-art geographic information system (GIS) applications based on the Esri platform for the utilities industry. The UT Product Suite is the leading Esri-based utilities solution in Europe. AED-SICAD has been implementing GIS and SAP® software integrations for 15 years and has built up extensive, unique, renowned know-how in this area. With the UT Integrator, AED-SICAD provides a standard enterprise application integration (EAI) product for back-end and front-end integration. The UT Integrator 10 has SAP-certified integration with the SAP ERP application. AED-SICAD is an Esri Platinum Partner and a strategic partner of Esri for the utilities industry in EMEA.

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Innovapptive Inc. is a provider of highly configurable, cloud-based enterprise mobile solutions supporting enterprise asset management (EAM), field operations, and supply chain management. With over 150 employees in offices across the United States, Germany, and India, Innovapptive serves companies within the oil and gas, utilities, chemicals, and manufacturing industries, to name just a few. Innovapptive was named a 2016 winner of the SAP Pinnacle Award, and has received this distinction three years in a row. Most recently, CIOReview named Innovapptive as one of the top 20 most promising SAP® solution providers. Today, some of the world’s largest brands run Innovapptive technology and software.


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Start-up Partners

For more information on the SAP Startup Partners, please visit:

Enersis S.A. has developed grids for smart-grid and sustainability management. Its 15 grid applications combine all internal and external energy-relevant Big Data to provide more transparency with the goal of energy transformation. All data is geovisualized and follows a “one screen to the user” principle with intuitive GUI.

For more information, please visit:

Huru Systems uses next-generation processes to track physical assets from their “birth” in the factory and their time in the field to ultimately their retirement. Through the use of chain-of-custody methodology, real-time inventory management builds a wealth of cloud-based data from photos, time and GPS stamps, and proprietary authentication protocols. An enterprise can optimize material management while reducing theft and improving efficiencies of field personnel. The asset-tracking platform supports the validation of tens of millions of assets installed in the field as well as searches for lost or stolen assets.

For more information, please visit:

Meteo Protect is an insurance and reinsurance broker with the largest team in Europe dedicated to weather risk management. It developed Vivaldi, a risk assessment and hedging software solution with a global weather database and pricing platform. The software is offered to insurance companies, brokers, and cooperatives who want to distribute weather hedging information to their clients and affiliates.

For more information, please visit: