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FortisBC: Improving Financial Reporting Performance with SAP ActiveEmbedded Services

"Read how utilities company FortisBC improved system performance for financial reporting with SAP Active Embedded, SAP Note, and continuous quality check for SAP Business Process Performance Optimization"

Read the testimonial here

SAP for Utilities

BKW: Using SAP S/4HANA® to Simplify Business and Support Expansion in New Directions

"The finance staff at Swiss energy service provider BKW, needed to replace its 16-year-old, resource-hungry, heavily customized SAP® applications. BKW asked a lot of its new IT environment: a reliable data source, consistent data, innovative applications, and cutting-edge design, which is exactly what it achieved with  SAP S/4HANA®. The project went smoothly."

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Eneco: Making a Cloud-First Strategy a Reality with the SAP Cloud Platform ®Integration Service

"Eneco is a leading network operator in the Netherlands, providing a secure energy supply to millions of customers. Within a rapidly changing business environment, Eneco identified the need to transform its IT environment in order to provide more agility to address business needs. Applying the right integration platform can facilitate this rapid change and make a genuine step toward a cloud-first strategy."

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National Grid: Simplifying Procurement in the Cloud with SAP Ariba Solutions

"$2.2 million saved in the first year with SAP Ariba solutions

Find out how National Grid simplifies the user experience and reduces costs by streamlining procurement processes in the cloud."

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