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Making the utilities front office digital – for real!, Juergen Kuhmann, Customer Engagement and Commerce for Utilities - Industry Principal at SAP Hybris at SAP Hybris

'Since last year’s SAP International Utilities Conference in Lisbon, I have observed a fundamental shift in what our customers and prospects are asking from us at SAP.

Last year’s conversations heavily focused on what in general SAP’s plans and overall strategy was to improve the call center, improve self-service, marketing and customer communications. What other business model changes are we observing. How did other industries succeed and what do vendors and system implementers say. And we were interested in this as well. Heck, we funded a study with IDC to find out what consumer are asking from utilities.'

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International Utilities Conference: What to look for this year, Juliana Everett, International Marketing & Sales, Natuvion GmbH

'The upcoming International SAP Conference for Utilities is right around the corner and after last year’s great networking experience that brought lots of great business opportunities for Natuvion, we are pleased to be a sponsor of the event once again, taking place in Lisbon on 17-19 April this year.'

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Mapping your Journey to The Digital Utility, Henry Bailey, Global Vice President, Head of Utilities Industry Business Unit at SAP

'Never before have utility companies faced so much change. Some customers have become energy producers. There is mounting pressure to seek out renewable sources of energy and better engaging prosumers. '

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Mangaging Capital Projects with EPPM for SAP S/4HANA, Marc Sebastian SAP 

'Utility and Oil&Gas companies face huge business challenges every day managing their assets through the entire lifecycle – from the very first planning, all the way to the decommissioning. In order to be successful they must overcome these challenges and aim for business excellence.'

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International SAP Conference for Utilities 2018 Insight into SAP S/4HANA® for the Utilities Industry Workshop, Jan-Christoph Gass, Solution Associate at SAP

'In this workshop at our International SAP Conference for Utilities in Lisbon, we give you an understanding of how the SAP S/4HANA® Utilities solution can positively impact your organization. You will get insights on key concepts and scope, as well as the future roadmap. We’ll give you the opportunity to discuss what needs to be considered technically when moving your IT landscape to SAP S/4HANA. The workshop will be interactive and include both business and technical topics.'

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Join us at the International SAP Conference for Utilities – we are exhibiting our cutting-edge products to integrate SAP and GIS, Florian Brandi-Dohrn, International Sales Manager at AED-SICAD

'We are delighted to be sponsoring the International SAP Conference for Utilities, due to take place on April 17-19 in Lisbon, Portugal.

AED-SICAD will be present with a booth to showcase at this event again its cutting-edge solutions and standard software components for integrating SAP and GIS. Putting intelligent maps into the SAP GUI and keeping all data in sync between SAP and GIS is managed by standard software components and this at reasonable pricing.'

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Digital energy network: Helping the utility industry reach new heights in a digital world, James McClelland, Senior Global Director, Utilities & Energy Industry Marketing, SAP

'You push the screen of your phone or flip a switch, and the lights in your home turn on; gas is delivered as your stove lights up or furnace kicks on; water courses through the pipes as you run your shower.

There isn’t much thinking about the processes in the utility industry that seamlessly deliver these products and services.

What’s there to change when it comes to the utility industry?

Actually, almost everything changing'

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IDC Energy Insights: Customers Have Changed - Have Utilities? - Roberta Bigliani and Gaia Gallotti, Guest Blog Post on Tieto

"Since their inception, utilities have always employed brilliant people. We joke that often utilities are too smart for their own good. But you know what they say — "behind every joke there's a little bit of truth.""

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Join Us at the International Utilities and Oil & Gas Business Women Network Luncheon, Nicole Huth, Communication Lead for Utilities at SAP

Read Nicole's blog and find out more about the Business Women Network Luncheon here

SAP for Utilities

Mobile customer engagement – where it’s working already and where not yet - Robert Straubinger, SAP Canada

"...Now how about my utility company? Do they engage me? Do they even know me? Can they coach me on how ‘money in (for energy or water)’ and ‘value out (light, heat, convenience)’ is related and can improve? I have to think they don’t know much about me. Otherwise they would have suggested a number of things they promote anyway that could help..."

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Design Thinking enables you to discover the potential of Predictive Maintenance - Gero Bieser , SAP

'It is expected that asset intensive industries – including utilities – will gain huge benefits when applying predictive algorithms and machine learning capabilities to optimize their maintenance strategy. The performant analysis of big data allows a predictive maintenance approach for all relevant assets on a very granular and up-to-date data basis. On the other hand it has shown, that it is not easy to identify the most promising use cases and asset classes and actually realize the expected benefits...'

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SAP Collaborates with Centrica for Energy Internet of Things - Zacks Equity Research

'Germany-based enterprise-application software provider, SAP SE  has collaborated with energy and services company – Centrica – to deliver insights and connectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT). This follows SAP’s contract with Accenture plc last month to jointly develop state-of-the-art digital solutions...'

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SAP ERP Integration with GIS: Practical Examples, Florian Brandi-Dohrn

'In my past blogs I looked rather at the general benefits of integrating the GIS with the SAP ERP. Since I always like pragmatic and down-to-earth examples, let me focus today on a few concrete examples, what some of our customers have done in terms of GIS and SAP integration and how they are benefiting of these process improvements.'

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The 2018 SAP Industry Conferences for Utilities and Oil & Gas - Will you be there?, Sanaz Zarkesh, Senior Consultant, AG Consultancy 

'AG Consultancy & Apps Ltd together with Delta Reliability are very proud to be sponsoring the 2018 SAP Industry Conferences for Utilities and Oil & Gas. We will be attending the event, April 17-19th in Lisbon together with our partners Delta & our Customer Spirit Energy (formerly Centrica Energy).'

Read the full blog here

AG Consultancy & Apps Ltd and Delta Reliability Ltd are co-sponsoring the International SAP Conference for Oil & Gas and Utilities, Jerzy Nagorski, Sales Manager at AG Consultancy & Apps Ltd

'The joint International SAP Conference for Oil & Gas and Utilities in Lisbon on 17th-19th April 2018 is an excellent opportunity to engage and share ideas & best practices with industry leaders and SAP business process owners in these sectors. We are proud to be co-sponsoring this event with Delta Reliability, leaders in maintenance and reliability engineering, and equally proud to be presenting a case study with one of our customers, Spirit Energy, the E&P joint venture between Centrica plc’s E&P business and Bayerngas Norge AS.'

Read the full blog here