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The Implico Group optimizes logistics processes for oil and gas downstream companies.

Implico GmbH is a consulting and software company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, that offers software solutions and consulting and data services for oil and gas downstream companies of all sizes. It combines the extensive experience it has gained in successful projects with its expertise in the latest IT and SAP® software and technology. The Implico experts know the entire supply chain – from forecasting, order management, dispatching, and tour planning to process automation and business controlling.

Its customers include many of the world´s largest oil and gas corporations as well as a large number of small and midsize businesses. Implico and SAP have a long relationship focused on this industry. As an SAP partner specializing in downstream solutions, Implico’s work and expertise are reflected in the SAP S/4HANA® Supply Chain solution for secondary distribution.

Based on downstream software from SAP, Implico implements solutions that increase operational efficiency, reduce labor costs, and provide an economic and service-based competitive advantage. Innovative Internet of Things (IoT) services provide transparency in real time and can be combined with cloud-based data services from SAP and SAP® solutions. All of that advances Implico´s major aim of “transforming knowledge into value.” To share its long experience, it offers companies the opportunity to use its templates for implementing solutions based on downstream software from SAP. This helps companies achieve an optimal ratio between project costs and results.


For more information, visit www.implico.com

Splisys IT Consulting Pvt Ltd is an SAP partner and premier consulting firm that offers consulting services in the areas of energy and natural resources. It has offices located in New Delhi, India, and Houston, Texas. Representing a cumulative industry experience of 150 years, Splisys strives to deliver high-quality, cost-effective services to its clients. Its SAP-qualified business solution for the energy supply chain, ENERGYSTREAM, provides a rapid-deployment template for downstream business processes for the oil and gas industry.

Splisys is on the forefront of SAP S/4HANA®, which is integrated into its SAP® software landscape. Splisys was actively involved in testing versions of SAP S/4HANA at Walldorf. At the heart of Splisys' innovations is its Digital Innovation Lab (DIL), which delves into cloud solutions, smart analytics, and AI solutions. DIL focuses on better user experiences and higher user mobility through SAP Fiori® apps and UX. It also has its sights set on SAP Leonardo Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. Splisys is globally pioneering the energy blockchain initiative by making the best of blockchain and IoT technologies.

For more information, visit www.splisys.com.


Utopia Global Inc. is a software and services company and industry leader in enterprise information management. Its suite of solutions and “build, fix, and sustain” approach to achieving accurate master data helps ensure that critical business decisions are based on reliable, trustworthy information. As an SAP software solution and technology partner, Utopia specializes in the SAP® Master Data Governance application. It developed application extensions for the application to cover enterprise asset management and retail and fashion management. Utopia’s work is also reflected in the recently released SAP solution extension, the SAP Asset Information Workbench application by Utopia. Utopia’s solutions provide a critical bridge for those enterprises who understand that data is a valuable currency and the key to a successful journey to digital transformation. Utopia firmly believes that “perfect data is perfectly possible.”

For more information,visit www.utopiainc.com.

Vesta Partners is a professional services firm with deep domain expertise in asset management. It provides customers with support for industry best practices specific to their business processes, brought to life through the proven SAP® Enterprise Asset Management solution. Vesta has a team highly skilled in “design thinking” and the “agile delivery” methodology to leverage the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system for enhancing existing products and solutions as well as building completely new applications quickly.

Vesta’s mission is to deliver to its customers the highest quality and most efficient asset management processes alongside consulting solutions based on SAP technology. Its real-world experience and practical solutions deliver results that translate into genuine cost savings. For more information, visit www.vestapartners.com.