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We work with a number of key players in the financial services industry - leading companies, expert speakers, and innovative solution providers who have kindly provided us with interesting pieces of content on key challenges and opportunities faced by the industry. This centre will be regularly updated with content as the event draws nearer, so remember to check back for new insights. 

  • SAP Financial Shared Services

"#SAPRadio: Streamlining Finance Operations With Shared Services"
By Estelle Lagorce

An analysis of the March 15 edition of Financial Excellence with Game-Changers Radio, presented by SAP, on how shared services is the answer to streamlining finance operations, enhancing productivity and supporting new service levels.

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"9 must-knows before implementing SAP Simple Finance" By Mendel Koerts

When talking to the VP of Enterprise Architecture in a Swiss-based manufacturer, he told me he was quite confused with all the recent SAP marketing around S4/HANA, SAP Simple Finance, HANA Enterprise Cloud and the user interfaces that come along with all this like Fiori. He was looking for the big picture, the real no-nonsense one. So...

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"Recipe For Finance Innovation: Mixing Up The Right Ingredients"

By Benno Eberle

Benno is a global solution marketing manager at SAP, in this blog he discusses how the opportunity of digitalization is channelling innovations in finance organizations. 


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