Pre-Conference Workshops

Tuesday October 10, 2017 (9:00 - 12:30)

At these workshops you will review product functionality, dive deeper into topics, get practical examples, take part in discussions, go through online demonstrations, and determine the business benefits of each solution. Each workshop offers you a unique opportunity to address challenges, discuss them with your peers, and gain valuable guidance from some of the most knowledgeable experts on SAP applications.

Please note that you cannot switch between parallel workshops.

Workshop 1: Integrated Container Shipping - Innovations and SAP® Solution Road Map

Join this half-day workshop to get a detailed overview of the SAP® solution road map and solution innovations for container shipping companies. Hear about the latest business trends, listen to an in-depth summery of the full SAP solution portfolio, and take a look at the future SAP solution road map and outlook. During this session, attendees have an opportunity to explore how the “connected world” is impacting current and future business processes and how organizations are looking to adapt to the changing market.

Whether you are new to SAP or are an existing customer looking for an updated overview of the current solution portfolio, this workshop offers the perfect opportunity to learn. You and your team can speak directly with the experts and have your questions answered.

What you take away from this session:

  • A better understanding of SAP offerings for container shipping companies
  • Insight from in-depth discussions of key industry developments and challenges
  • An overview of the forward-looking strategy and future outlook at SAP

Workshop Leader: Ralf Hierzegger, SAP

Workshop 2: Migrating to SAP S/4HANA – Tips and Tricks

Our customers know they can benefit from the unique opportunities presented by real-time business analytics, process improvements, and process simplification. As evidence of this, a large number of companies are adopting the in-memory computing technology of the SAP HANA® platform and SAP S/4HANA as their redesigned digital core. We now have a clear understanding of how to help our enterprise resource planning (ERP) customers to define the best strategy when moving towards SAP S/4HANA. This session clears up any uncertainties. Attendees hear about best practices, lessons learned from other customers, and the tools that can help you plan your transition.

What you take away from this workshop:

  • A strategy and best practices to plan and prepare your conversion to SAP S/4HANA
  • Knowledge of how the SAP Transformation Navigator tool can guide you along your software landscape transformation, including a look at the product road map, licensing aspects, and the value and services you can expect from this self-service tool
  • A familiarity with the comprehensive set of tools that support your preparation, conversion, and post-conversion activities
  • A look at the best practices employed by other customers

Workshop Leaders: Michael Lamade, SAP and Elinor Castell, SAP

Workshop 3: Build and Attract Talent to Boost Your Business Success

Within any organization, talent represents its most valuable asset. To ensure continued success within the industry and to promote on-going profitable growth, firms must recruit, hire, bring on board, and develop the best talent possible. They must leverage talent networks to attract the best workforce on an as-needed basis to achieve unlimited capacity and ultimate flexibility. Join this session to learn about the industry trends, challenges, and solutions that SAP offers for total workforce management.

Key topic areas covered during this workshop include:

  • Digitalization
  • Talent networks
  • Artificial intelligence
  • The integrated talent supply chain

Workshop Leader: Siegfried Bies, SAP

Workshop 4: Gain Competitive Advantage by Leveraging Analytical Insights from Your Business

As we move closer towards a digital society, it is essential that businesses access their analytical data in order to make the right business decisions at the right time. That means organizations must have a live, connected overview of their day-to-day operations, growth, and development. Attend this deep-dive workshop to learn how self-service tools can increase your insight into analytics for greater agility and real competitive edge for your organization. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore cloud analytics and how you can leverage Big Data alongside analytics to win high user adoption.

Discussion topics are set to include:

  • Harnessing cloud analytics
  • Achieving the agility to win your users
  • Leveraging Big Data with analytics

Workshop Leader: Iver van de Zand, SAP

Workshop 5: Unlock Value from Last-Mile Delivery for Cities, Transporters, and Retailers

In logistics, the “last mile” is considered to be the most expensive, inefficient, and environmentally nonsustainable part of the supply chain. The reason for the expensive “last mile”? New service levels that have been introduced for consumers, which result in additional mileage, greater emissions, not-at-home deliveries, and empty legs in the transports.

Our future cities will strive to decrease the space and infrastructure used for city logistics. Consequently, the growth of e-commerce must progress hand in hand with a decrease in retail space used for consumer products and groceries. This will ripple into increased home deliveries serviced by a growing number of last-mile logistics providers.

This workshop highlights the challenges this new trend will present. And it looks forward to a lively guided discussion involving all participants on how to meet those challenges.


This workshop shows you how to:

  • Fulfil the trending demand for higher, “last mile” service levels
  • Improve efficiency by managing cost, mileage, and the use of workforce, fleets, and transport equipment
  •  Meet a 24x7 delivery expectation
  • Design a unique customer experience
  • Ensure a sustainable environmental footprint

Workshop Leaders: Ruth Eberhart and Barbara Flügge, SAP