Pre-Conference Workshop (January 30, 2018, 09:00 - 12:30)

Driving supply chain innovation, transformation and a better customer experience

Building a supply chain to meet the demands of the modern consumer has many complexities. Missed business opportunities, dissatisfied customers, inefficiencies, supply chain blind spots and falling profits are just some of the problems to emerge from failing to modernise, adapt and improve your operations.

So, where does your supply chain fit in this modern digital, world? In this pre-conference workshop, attendees will gain a practical overview of a wide range of digital technologies and how you can best implement and use these to maximise the performance of your supply chain. Following the introduction and overview session, a unique scenario experience has been created to simulate digital supply chain practice, devised from a real world situation.

Implementing the key themes and trends discussed in the first part of the workshop, the simulation exercise is designed to stimulate advanced thinking when it comes to digital supply chain. Leave this half day workshop equipped with theory and real-life learning that you can apply in your own digital supply chain journey.

Attendance at this pre-conference workshop is optional for conference delegates.
Please select pre-conference workshop attendance when you book your place at the conference.

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Workshop Leader

scm supply chain

Patrick Strauss, Digital Supply Chain Specialist and Visiting Professor, Cranfield University

With 20+ years of technical, commercial and consulting experience in emerging technologies and digital supply chain, he has held senior positions at British Telecom and IBM.

Specialist focus includes Asset Management; Barcode/RFID/RTLS; Internet of Things; Blockchain; SaaS/Cloud-based solutions.

Patrick has worked to deliver innovative solutions to global clients across industries such as retail, consumer packaged goods, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, supply chain and others.

Currently, he leads the European Digital Supply Chain Practice at Antuit; "resident expert" for IoT and Blockchain as well as regular speaking at industry events.