Roberto Pasti, IoT OEM Manager

scm supply chain

Roberto Pasti is an experienced leader who transforms traditional companies into disruptive digital businesses, an expert in supply chain and high performance business processes and practices. Currently he is leading digital transformation projects for global business operations.

Using a consultative approach that starts with systemic business design ending with the implementation through new kinds of technologies. Roberto has worked for GE, Bosch Group and Siemens, spending more than 10 years at Siemens AG Business division and working on business development of ICT Business.

During his tenure at Bosch, Roberto implemented industry's leading Internet of Things and big data platforms, developing the business strategy for IoT, and launched Predictive Platforms that transformed business models. An astute business executive, Roberto guided the launch of Vinci Big Data Analytics offering, Systemic Business Model Design offering and Digital Transformation Initiative into the market.

As a modern executive, and in addition to managing digital transformation strategies, Roberto also participates actively in helping the company grow revenues. He helped forge strategic alliances between Intalio and HP, a visionary Cloud Computing enterprise in California, and a prominent Open Source company. As a thought leader, Roberto has served on advisory boards of Middle Size Companies in the DACH region, given innovation workshops at Nokia in Bejing, and big data transformation to hundreds of executives around the world.

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