Conference Agenda Day Two

Wednesday, 31 January, 2018

Chairman’s Opening Remarks and Welcome Back
Your Digital Supply Chain Genesis: Technology Disruptors and Enablers

• An analysis of some of the biggest disruptors in digital supply chain development
• Where do technologies such as blockchain sit within your organization?
• Boosting data security to meet potential threats
• Coordinating an overall digital strategy
• What indicators suggest your business is benefitting from solutions, technology and enablers

Benny Tjahjono, Senior Lecturer in Supply Chain Management, Cranfield University

Re-positioning Digital Transformation as a Strategic Imperative

• Re-evaluating the need for instant ROI
• Placing digitalization at the forefront of your company’s strategy
• Overcoming the culture and behavioral barriers
• Building a digital business framework and solid foundation
• Long-term planning with a digital strategy

Roberto Pasti, IoT OEM Manager, Arrow Electronics

Data Science, Predictive Analytics and Big Data: A Revolution That Will Aid End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

•   How important is data quality and integrity in solving business problems
•   An anlysis of data analytics tools and trends
•   How should organisations leverage their data to gain business competitiveness

Akintan Olumide, Supply Chain Specialist, Johnson & Johnson Medical

Q&A – A Chance to Put Your Questions Forward to the Speaker Panel
Morning Refreshment Break
Group Discussion Sessions
Group Discussion A: Digital Supply Chain Fundamentals

Group Discussion A will focus on the supply chain fundamentals in conjunction with the adoption of a digital strategy. It is essential that whilst the pace of technological change and evolving business practice demands an equally rapid response, the right questions are asked to ensure that your business is not burdened with multiple, stagnant digital projects.
Leonardo Marins, Logistics Innovation Lead, British American Tobacco

Group Discussion B: Problem Resolution Clinic

Group Discussion B is set as a problem solving and issue resolution exercise. Here is the chance to air your worries concerns or current problems with digital supply chain.  As more technology, hardware and data are developed, more problems,issues and concerns arise. The best way forward in the digital world is to assess the success of others and have full awareness of the potential complications.
Nandu V.C., Executive Leadership -Supply Chain Innovation, Leading Automotive Manufacturer

Group Discussion C: Preparing Your Supply Chain for Any Eventuality

Gartner identified digital twin as one of the top 10
strategic technology trends for 2018. Group Discussion
C addresses and explores end-to-end asset lifecycle
management though well-designed digital twins.
How is the digital twin concept for asset data introducing
new innovation and disrupting digital supply chain?
How does predictive analytics play a role in end-to-end
lifecycle management of the extended supply chain?
How does accurate asset data have the potential to
significantly improve enterprise supply chain decision
Mike Jordan, Vice President EAM Practice, Utopia

Roundtable Change Over

Each roundtable will be repeated after a 5 minute changeover at 12.15

Networking Lunch
Real-Time Analytics: Digital Demand Planning and Forecasting

• Tracking your product with precision throughout the supply chain
• Are your essential planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis processes ready for digitization?
• How self-serving analytics can benefit your forecasting
• Demand planning and modelling in the digital age
• Using speed and agility to deliver better business results

Speaker to be Announced

End-to-End Visibility: Eliminating Supply Chain Blind Spots

• How digitalization enables full 360 degree view of your supply chain
• Unlocking previously unseen clients and value
• Eliminating silos within your organization and increasing operational efficiency

David Wheat, Head of Supply Chain, Kiepe Electrics

Q&A – A Chance to Put Your Questions Forward to the Speaker Panel
Afternoon Refreshment Break
Closing Expert Panel – Preparing for a Digital Supply Chain

Preparing for digital transformation is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for any manufacturer. From creating your project team and laying out your initial objectives to the selection of the most appropriate software/hardware, the panel will aim to prepare you for implementation, post implementation, change management and ensuring a smooth transition.

To round of the conference, a cross section of supply chain management experts, specialists and professionals from end solution provider to academic, will reconvene to discuss and interpret the role of digitization in your supply chain.They will be on hand to offer suggestions and advice to ensure that your digitization project is a success.
Patrick Strauss, Digital Supply Chain Specialist and Visiting Professor, Cranfield University

Mike Jordan, Vice President EAM Practice, Utopia
Roberto Pasti, IoT OEM Manager, Arrow Electronics


Chairperson Closing Remarks and Close of Conference