Positive behavior change, streamlined work processes post merger at global E&P firm

Identifying improvement potential
After an international oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) company merged with two locally operating gas producers, T.A. Cook was asked to help create one company culture, one way-to-work. The T.A. Cook team analyzed the existing cultures at each site regarding the management of notifications, Work Order processes and management systems and concluded that:

  • All sites were working with different standards within the statutory regulations;
  • There were stark differences in the way that defects were ascertained, prioritized, managed and corrected;
  • Best practices were neither recorded nor shared. Instead, they remained on managers’ desks and had no impact on teams’ efficiency; and
  • Meetings didn’t steer the work order management process, so had little impact on performance on the shop floor.

Connecting the front line with the bottom line
Based on the needs and requirements analysis, the key behaviors needed to improve the Work Order Management process and therefore individual and team performance were defined.

The involvement of key site personnel guaranteed that behavior changes began before training sessions were carried out.

Furthermore, it allowed the organization to test the new way of working on the floor and helped Managers to understand the financial impact of change.

Following strong client involvement throughout the project, defined changes had a significant impact on the workers’ performance. This improvement could be summarized as follows:

  • Clear rules for recording, prioritizing and managing notifications were followed;
  • Everyone understood and used the Work Order Management process, working in a streamlined manner;
  • Meetings had a clear purpose and participants were prepared to participate appropriately;
  • Responsibilities were accepted and borders respected; and
  • Reviews of operational and financial performance were carried out continuously.