Case Studies

In this section you will find our achievements - a selection of projects in which our consultants have successfully partnered with clients to develop specific solutions. To make it easier for you we have subdivided the case studies, which showcase our consulting emphasis, according to your industry needs.

The safety requirements of a nuclear power plant go far beyond the standard requirements of other branches with regard to the transparency of processes and working operations, because safety has to be the ultimate priority.
The client is one of the largest German producers of mineral water and soft drinks, selling their products in more than 30 countries worldwide.
The client was a leading German produc-er of food and drink which at the time employed 1,000 people at the project site, 10 percent of whom worked in maintenance.
The client is one of the largest European power producers running nuclear, hydro and also coal and gas-fired plants and is currently spending €1.3bn on building additional large-scale power plants.
The client, one of the three biggest German producers of mineral water and soft drinks, sells products in over 30 countries worldwide.
The client is part of a consortium sharing helicopters. The share is 2.7 helicopter equivalent or 38% of the costs.
At a chemical plant in Texas, which processes polypropylene for use in other manufacturing processes, concerns about the site’s maintenance costs prompted management to seek help in establishing a professional approach to maintenance.
As part of the development of a world-wide maintenance referential for a global chemical producer, T.A. Cook was asked to perform a full maintenance review of a chemical site in Belgium.
A South American multi-site petrochemical company which had recently been acquired by a German multinational firm needed a thorough change in its contractor strategy and operating policies.
The aim of each study was to evaluate and quantify the maintenance improvement potential across 14 sites globally.
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