Our unique business model allows us to mobilise small to medium sized teams of experienced consultants led by a senior T.A. Cook business director to establish world class practice, process and behaviours for our clients. We place significant emphasis on determining optimum solutions and developing appropriate responses to changing needs to deliver measurable, sustainable business change. See "Consulting" for more about our range of services.

Conferencing & Training

We have made it our business to share knowledge and promote best practice. T.A. Cook Conferences has been running such seminars and conference events for over 20 years and has helped over 15.000 delegates better understand their businesses, people, systems and processes. We provide training on topics such as project management and teamwork, key qualifications for managers TPM and conferences on all SAP modules. See "Events" for an overview.


The Studies & Research division conducts detailed market and company analyses in the area of Asset Performance Management. The focus of the team is to systematically investigate and clarify current market concerns and requirements as well as anticipated developments and their consequences for market players. In addition we compile trend reports and continually expand our database of specialised knowledge, which can be applied to each study as needed. Find more in "Research".